Feature: Meet the First Kid for Beat Zelda: A & # 39; Up Connect


Zelda Link Sculpture

The Legend of Zelda: Awakening na Attangail One of the most popular entries in the entire Zelda series, so it's not surprising but the news is that Nintendo has been able to revive it for the Switch. The 1993 base is still a class class in the design of historical games, and we can not wait personally to get our hands on the 2019 edition of this homosexual title.

The news also gave us an idea of ​​the previous feature we would run; Jeff Hansen, who was the Nintendo World Championship for the early 90s. Our feature was – along with the short movie that has been posted; Together – in fact, be inspired by Zelda: Awakening a link; All the reason we got in with Hansen spoke to him about a newsletter we would be doing; read in a critical issue of the EDGE magazine.

The tournament banner to launch the game before launching it – was involved in several journalist games on a cross-country train with a & # 39; A prime objective is to find out who could initially be completed. Although this would not be a global achievement – the game was released in Japan a few months earlier – it would still be a genuine eviction, and Jeff, because it was Nintendo World Champion, a & # 39; going on for the trip.

"The train trip was particularly interesting because I or my parents had never done a trip abroad," said Hansen last year. "I think they had a hard time to decide which ones would go; my mother would usually get together with me on the trips and so he was my dad. "

Boy Boy was given to everyone on the trip and a Link of Awakening copy, which has not been imported in America at this time. "The only people on the train with Nintendo mi, my father, the Golin-Harris and Nintendo markets, and a number of journalists," Hansen says. explained. "Everyone who played a new Boy Boy and Awakening Attachment – even father, had played it for 10 minutes and then went back to & Reading to PC Magazine. Nintendo had only bought a couple of cars on the bedside train, so we all got to sleep a bit. "

Jeff is on his way to finish his game
Jeff is on his way to finish his game

Although everything is well organized, steel has been thrown into work early. "The original plan was going from New York City to Los Angeles, but shortly before the event, there was a huge bridge on that fall, which killed many people," said Hansen. "So plans were changed to go from New York City to Seattle instead. We were afraid to go on the trip after hearing the news, but we were also pleased that we were not on the bridge when it fell. There were a number of large stops on the track where we wait for hours at a time before they started again, and some journalists came and went to Chicago stadium. "

During his gymnastics, Hansen's normal habits when they came to a new game were often involved in working with similar interactive friends, but they did not. That's something he could be involved in this situation. "I did not have any of my usual friends asking for help, and indeed there was nothing that Google could find back," he said. "There were two Nintendo councilors who were joining us on the trip, so I was able to ask you some advice when I got a while at the start of their game. Then, however, there was a smooth address. "Hansen's talent – which had been hitting many World Championships with his" # 39; point – over. "The only thing I was really trying to get into the game and hitting it," he remembers. "I was so busy here and I did not pay much attention to the outside world until I hit the half-way game across the country."

It's not just a reputation. Hansen had a competition for here – there was a cash prize. "Nintendo told us that the people would be on the trip to hit their game that gets $ 1,000, so it was a great part of my encouragement to get a # 39 ; cost every time that needed to be initially hit, "he says. Unfortunately, despite being a & # 39; The first person to finish the game (you can watch the right moment here), the money was not available. "Unfortunately, there was no incentive for me to give Nintendo – the only journalist annex – the money, so I was a little unhappy to find out that I was not fit – – after that I had hit her game! I remember that there were several others who had a & # 39; hitting it before we reached Seattle, and the first one that did it after I was named as an official winner. "

Although unlikely, it would be amazing to see Nintendo this special promotional event for the next Switch title.

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