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Samsung Electronics introduced the Galaxy A70, the latest mobile phone in the popular Galaxy A. series. The Galaxy A70 will be introducing the newest Samsung devices and state-of-the-art features.

Samsung Galaxy A70

There is a handsome design on the Samsung A70 exhibition, Infinity display, a three-length camera, better battery and a powerful battery senseless links. Samsung's newest smartphone is designed for anyone who is interested in digitization which wants to connect, connect and share the important pictures.

"Consumers today use their phones in a more active and transparent way – they share their knowledge and live longer," said DJ Koh, president and president of the BBC Scotland website. T Samsung Electronics's general manager, IT and Mobile Communications department. “This link will only work well when the most important jobs allow people to develop their interactions with others through voluntary, common and essential relationships. This needs evolution. To meet the needs of the next generation, we have developed Galaxy A70 – designed for every way people connect today. "


With Infinity in the inactivity display of 6.7 inches, the largest screen so far in the Galaxy A series, the Galaxy A70 is providing an amazing event to enjoy everyday activities with the most used of the screen from the edge of the road. The device has elegant and ergonomic design and is associated with component 20: 9 for easy access to your hand. The device is available in four colors – blue, black, white, as well as a classic vertical battle and comes with the influence of a spectacular prism that invokes the mystery of the light and light reflection.

mobile phone samsung galaxy a70


Better Triple Camera Tool The Galaxy A70 comes with a high resolution of 32 MPs on the face and back lens, to take snapshots. The depth depth lens allows the depth of the field to be adjusted so that the user can choose the picture before, but also after firing, with the ability to select the image displayed. By combining an MP ultra-8 lens, users can enjoy pictures that represent the same view as one's eye.

Using this device identification feature, maximum levels of each frame can be used. This feature can recognize and enhance up to 20 views, showing the best of your work. With the help of getting out of non-bosses, shortcomings are automatically identified, which are contributing to creating an overall design.


The Galaxy A70 will come with it a powerful battery of 4,500 mAh. With this battery, it allows efficient part-time, flow and play content to be shared. The appliance also has a very high speed rate of 25W.

Connection is easy and secure

The complex configuration of the finger -print scanner on the Galaxy A70 mobile device controls access to the phone very easily, which makes it much clearer for the user's experience. Together with the Samsung Pass feature, it is possible to register for faster and more secure websites and applications using biometric proof.

This opportunity and simplicity is provided by Samsung Knox, a security platform for Samsung, which standards meet the security requirements, designed to protect the device from chipsets to goods – soft.

Galaxy Heritage

The Galaxy A70 will come with it Samsung One UI Platform. It was designed to develop user experience for Galaxy devices; the One UI platform provides easier, simpler and clever interaction including One Hand management. The activity contributes to an easier use of the machine by taking closer control of the screen, within a range of hands.

To gain a better knowledge of the user, users can change the program of night work on one platform UI, which changes the night vision. With the help of App Timer's work, which shows how long the apps use the screen, users can give more control over time on screen. In addition, The Galaxy A70 comes with Samsung Health, Bixby and other features.

More information on Galaxy A devices will be available on 10 April at Galaxy A event on three continents. For more information about the Galaxy A series, visit news.samsung.com/galaxy, samsungmobilepress.com, or samsung.com/galaxy.

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