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To find out how far Operation Middle East is on the Motef Ring tested

After smartphones and watches, the skeletal rings have come into our lives and our fingers are designed to monitor our sporting activities, our sleeping patterns, heart rate and many features and Other features that we will learn in this article.

– Rings for communication

Today, there are many smartband rings in the marketplace, like the fashionable Blinq rings that are aimed at women because of it; they are making pictures of # 39; traditional machines and allow them to keep their phone in the bag or on the phone; pocket, while they are & # 39; Provide secret messaging as a profession or text message or email, as well as other Notepad information or their favorite apps.

Other rings also include an OPN ring from the NFC Sound made from a clay that is standing by a scratch. The ring offers a variety of applications to & # 39; focus on a technology range (NFC) or technology called Near telecommunications. This ring can store your contact information or links to sites that you can move to the NFC support phone.

The OBN circle can also replace NFC cards and keys, such as those that you use to access buildings where you work or stay. Or you can use it to open or lock your phone to open a special app or settings (such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) by taping the ring on your phone.

– Middle East Knowledge

To find out how well these rings are, we have chosen Motiv Ring and have been proven for two consecutive weeks with its core responsibilities for fitness, exercise and sleep as well as being a & # 39; keep track of her heart. After you have ordered the ring from the official website, you will get a box with 7 plastic sizes of different sizes first, so you can try and find out what your right is. Then you can return to the official website of the ring to give you the size and then select the correct color between the gray or gold or black and pay the $ 199 ring.

The importance of Motiv Ring is to & # 39; keep track of the number of steps you are going to walk and the asthma you will cut, and measure the level of their heart, and work out the calories that are being used; burn daily, as well as monitor the effectiveness of sleep, the ring will wake up at night and how long How many hours did you spend in deep sleep? The advantages of this fast-scratched titanium ring are defensive, and allows you to use it underwater for a depth of 165 feet to watch your swim.

You can see all of this data related to your actions regarding the application of the ring for the "IOS" and "Android" system but we have been aware of using the applications that & # 39; bringing more features when they are connected to the iPhone, such as watching sports events for a one-week, one-day, Android-only week-to-one sporting event, such as lost and used phone detectors in the determination of two factories.

Although the official site says that a battery life is circulated by its use more than two days at a time; latest, but the good thing that the process of charging over 90 minutes can not be triggered by entering a special USB drive into the box.

– New ideas

One of the most recently published projects is that the idea is in the Xenxo circle, and it is the candidate who is in the " Ensure that the best features of the top 12 key features include retrieval, and file storage, are used for payment and payment. watching sporting activities. Next The idea of ​​the ring project is still at the # 39; Initially and is waiting for support from technology lovers and so it is available for pre-order only through Indigoğu's sponsorship and funding site.

– Aura Ring in the hands of Prince Harry

Prince Harry drew attention to social network managers after throwing a new black ring into the right branch. After the investigation, the Oura Ring, which is connected to its & # 39; phone (Android, OIS) through a special request, a device for sleeping, and & # 39; monitor the level of heart, breath, body temperature and movement, Throughout the day, and then we will add this data to the application that offers useful advice to & # 39 ; sleep better.

There are two frames in the circle: one called the flat ring, and a slightly sharp shape on its; outdoors. The other is called the Heritage ring, which is covered with a soft, glossy edge and is available in a number of colors, silver, pink and black (such as Prince Harry) for $ 350. There is a huge silver color A ear also, with a diameter ring, priced at $ 1200.

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