Fede Bal added to Fedora after the re-appeal request to the actor: "I'm sorry if I did the aggressive word & # 39;


The LAM panel left his thoughts on TV, after being guilty of Bal. Show what it fell.

Cinthia Fernández gave an excuse to Fede Bal on Twitter (Photographs: Adoption and Internet)
Cinthia Fernández gave an excuse to Fede Bal on Twitter (Photographs: Adoption and Internet)

The scandal that created a split Federico Bal and Barbie Vélez, complaining about sexual violence that ended with the delaying actor, continuing to & # 39; machine creation.

Because the old partner can go to # 39; Alignment at a time somewhere in Mar del Plata, where both manage different jobs, Nazarena Vélez He chose to go with his daughter and be with her during the season. And on a mobile phone Representatives He burned strong opponents Flower of the Ve for being a witness in the protection of a poet's son Carmen Barbieri, who is also your friend.

Not trying to make a controversy, De la Ve, who was on a mobile phone to Los Angeles in the morning from Mar del Plata, who did not want to bring much to the subject. But Cinthia Fernández, a new panel member of the circle it gets outShe was surprised by a marriage question: "I know you're saying it is not, but they went out several nights and for me, From my own knowledge, I know that Federico is when he gets into alcohol; become aggressive. Is it a bit something? Did not you meet? ", He asked, before the interviewee refused to be marked by those sentences of Chinthia.

Federico Bal said: "Cinthia, today, you said, from my own knowledge, when I drink alcohol, I am aggressive, I want you to comment on your words, I do not force them to dump me free ".

Without paying attention to those statements, Federico applied him Twitter With a clear application to the model: "Hello, @ Corinthifernandez! Today you said, from my own knowledge, I know that I'm so spectacular when I do not know you personally. I want you to go back to your ideas. I do not want to pay me more for free"

Hours later, he said: "Worse they talk to me, I am getting stronger, I do not expect to give anything else, but I do not I'm going to show anything on my television, I'm going to answer it with work, as I always do. I will move after night after night. I am strong, much more than I was thinking"

Cinthia Fernández: "I have some strange problems @balfederico, I tell you privately and in the same ways, I know you are generous and good people, if I used to verbally & aggressively & illegally, I'm disturbed. "

Certainly, Ciaia raised his hands and gave her apologies: "My harsh problems are @balfederico, I tell you privately and the same way … Today I clarify the A reason for my question, I know you understand it, you are the people are generous and good. If I did it correctly to use the word & # 39; aggressive & # 39 ;, I put the right right right now, I'm sorry. But tomorrow, I clarify why. ask me correctly or wrongly, but not to complain me. And in public I enjoy it I found out that you wanted me to be in the magazine to help me when I'm out of work! So, confirm what everyone thinks you are, generous. I do not know much, but I love my mother. Greetings, good season! ", Closed.

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