Fede Bal explained why he will give Cinthia Fernández to his Justice; regardless of the petition made – 04/01/2019


Federico Bal to take Cinthia Fernández to the Justice although she asked her public apologies after being treated as alcoholic and aggressive. Carmen's son Barbieri explained and Santiago Bal explained in "Los Angeles in the morning"(Thirteen) why he does not meet the request he made Cinthia, which now includes a panel to & # 39; program, and why he decided to make a review of this question.

Everything started when Cinthia Fernández He made the following statement about it Fede Bal in "Los Angeles in the morning": "From my own knowledge, I know that Federico gets a bit aggressive when drinking alcohol".

South Westerly Fede Bal he asked Cinthia, through his Twitter account, which will bring back his thoughts. Later on, she apologized. But … it is not enough there and he will make a court case in Courts.

Cinthia Fernández He answered Fede Bal with the following tweets as an excuse for his statements:

Yesterday, Friday, in a conversation with "Los Angeles in the morning", Fede Bal talk about the words Cinthia Fernández in relation to her husband: "I was not sure or not to be with her, I do not know why she said that, I met her in the Dancing & I saw in some of sentences when we got the secret ballot and everyone can say anything about it, I do not need to. "

"Just today I am on your phone because it has written me after I have sent the tweet," continued. Fede Bal and argued why he would not get apologies from Cinthia Fernández-. He apologized for me, he explained why he said, but I do not need any further forgiveness. I understand everything, but we do not know it. Experience very well, and we need to be very detailed with words on specific topics. I do not let me know that he's cure me as a hero and a violent one"said Federico.

"Do you feel that you need to deal with that name?" Maite Peñoñori was asked. "Every time," said Fede, "people can be wrong, but I do not play this game any longer, we do not talk about anything . The question is already being considered"

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