Federer Falls Falls of 100th title. But he gets an excuse.


LONDON – After one of the greatest benefits of his retirement was attracted, the name was Alexander Zverev; Feeling he had no choice but to resist his & # 39; A player who had just sunk, which happened to be just Roger Federer.

Zverev refused a picture of Federer at the 100th vocational title by hitting 7-5, 7-6 (5), Saturday to go on to the ATP event match. But that was not why Zverev was doing it; Feeling it was difficult to say it was difficult.

Instead, his excuse came from an important moment in the breakdown. Federer was a driver of the climber, 4-3, and the edge was on Zverev's service point when a member of the ball fell at the back of the court. Zverev said he stopped the sign, and the referee asked for reconstruction.

Zverev came on to give a service before doing so to close the games later.

"I want to make my excuse for the situation in the disaster," Zverev said in the interview on the court after her death; game, which was arrested by some members of the population. "Member member allowed the ball, so in the rules we need to reconstruct the point.

"I have a little trouble about the whole situation because this is not what I wanted to complete," said Zverev.

At one time, the interviewee came to the court, Annabelle Croft, to protect Zverev, saying to the people: "I am not sure why you are carrying it; he tell the truth. "

At 21, and Zverev is the youngest person to reach the competition match since 2009 and his / her. The first one from Germany wanted to do so since 1996. He opposes Novak Djokovic, which has defeated Kevin Anderson, 6-2, 6-2, in his second half on Saturday.

Federer, 37, wanted to record a seventh title in this event, but he did not. It can deal with the strength of Zverev's power and shape at the O2 Arena.

"He put my excuse at the net," Federer said about Zverev after the game ended. "My sea, and Buddy, closed up. You do not have to make an excuse here. Enjoy your good news and great competition so far. Everything for the finals . & # 39; And you're moving forward. "

When Zverev stated that he stopped playing at the time of the climber, Federer appeared against him, and went to his computer, Carlos Bernardes, for an explanation. He later said that he was never at the same time as Zverev had a feeling; get involved in games games.

In terms of a boy-boy, Federer said he hoped he had no sleepy night after he was losing. "It's not a big deal at the end of the day," he said.

A series of stimulating sequences had been to work Zverev's work; The first points broke out of the game in the 12th game of the first set, and Federer then put a handbag away in the back.

Federer won his own position for a 2-1 leader in the second set, but Zverev quickly got himself to catch the following game.

Zverev continued the uncommon arrest of the ball-ball to establish a 5-4 lead in the second-position re-breaking, and Federer introduced the simplest possible to be a & # 39; game call.

Federer won the next point, but Zverev sent away a backup to win his game and let Federer leave her. Waiting for the next season for his 100th title.

"Over all, I'm happy about the season," said Federer, who raised it 20th Grand Slam title early in the year at Australian Open. "There are many things good. So I'm happy for the next season."

When he thinks, he will earn the 100th title in a systematic manner, without having a # 39; drop any ball during play.

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