Fedor Frešo: "Nothing is worse than the artist's start"


What do you first think when you remember your father? How did his sons look like?

Viktor: A legitimate question, "What do you want to live?" I am laughing at that memory, because his education method did not guide, but he was based on friendship. We were friends, he was not a hard or wise father; and I can always tell him as a friend. Our relationship was special. In fact, to a certain time, he was a normal classical father; which explained the cover. But they were slightly moved, because the artist had a more open approach. For example, we could cut or destroy something rudely, as it was thought to have been a creative activity. Later on, when we realized that there was no place to implement a devolved education, he went to a friend. But it has described value systems as a normal father. He said to me, "You have to be upset, or you can do what you want to do". That's my only duty. So, at this time I was awfully, I could do everything. The second thing was that I, in a short time, was a troubled child. I was totally compatible with the & # 39; educational process at a basic school. The first behaviors were; I have a third grade in primary school.

Attendance Fedor: We have worked together, and so when you work with your parent, you must be friends. It's a different relationship. I've been listening to the band for years, we've been together in the world. So something happened to her parent chrom and we became friends or, Bad. This has helped us to stay together without any effort, that is to say, on every line a sea disease came. Finally, but not only when we have been together for a long time, we usually have a visit, not just work. It was brilliant.

Did this affect you how to educate your children?

Viktor: Fedor ml. I do not have a baby, I have two children. Yes, it affected me. Although I have a different situation because I have two daughters, I am the only one in my family. This means that my job is for me to be just a friend or not. I'm just at risk, but I'm going to the same anti-learning, I'm a friend.

What does it seem to be the father of a musician, who loves the best rebels and the best musicians?

Fedor ml: I did not understand him as a child. It was just when people followed me and said that he was a famous musician. For me, always the dad in the laps and the shirt was with us at home.

The first time I realized that a & # 39; good glory when the Collegium returned and when I saw people's views. I saw her showcase & # 39; crying from the joy of a sixty-year-old man. No, when the Collegias were in a position; first fans, their first fans were always sure. Whatever we were in Prague or Košice, they were always there.

Fedor Frešo:

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Did it affect you as a musician? Was it hard when you played together?

Fedor ml: Certainly the highest and the highest. But now I'm learning to play to play, I understand how much & # 39; is a musician. So far, I gave it a normal thing, just a bass play. Now I see what is of talent and good practice. It is very inspiring for me.

Viktor: Fedor did not have a problem with me together in the band, and it's a punk that's. me and an amateur drummer. He did not have difficulty playing in & # 39; Kosa band from his nose. He also had no difficulty playing with indigenous musicians and very ordinary people. He liked it to humankind. It was always irresistible although it was a bit. Once I had to & # 39; Playing a guitar Yesterday's worry and he had no problem with him and played with me. Or when he was traveling with his friends, he played something, he was not upset. His great password is "Nothing worse than when the artist starts too badly."

Fedor Frešo was always as little as he was, but his help and his great task was. You are coming to the campaign to give its legacy through a & # 39; including the Fedor Frees Prize heritage. What was the relationship or idea of ​​similar prices?

Viktor: He did not believe them, but he affected him, although he played a jazz for 30 years, some jazz music came out and did not mention it. He wrote the book Sideman, who also confirmed that he was seen as a supporter and, in particular, he liked him. It was a feeling that the safest environment was; and did not have to counter directly. But the lack of understanding of its benefit. I know from the long arts where I work. Many of the world-famous Slovak people are famous and not even appear in Slovakia. It is not a case in America, it is the specialization of Slòcaca that we do not. I do not think the Fedor Frees prize is a & # 39; continue in some of his father's life. We want to give him a quiet team, we will look for the quality of the art instrument. So, every interpreter or person who has an interesting or talented person has a chance. This price carries a name, opinion and application for quality. Other members like Laco Lučenec and Tomas Berka are also a different organism. It is important for us to stay, because that's how its name and its live link.

Fedor Frešo:

Well: predpredaj.sk

Are you going to & # 39; concert?

Fedor: I'll play with the Collegium. He works and I look forward to it very much. When we were preparing a concert, we found one thing. Fedor played in the biggest bands and the problem that everyone can not play is not technically possible and his program lasted for nine hours. That's why our musicians are known as friends, or have been Fedor's friends; in them and make songs of the time with them.

Viktor: I play songs with our guests. They play two songs and I'm playing it; playing drums.

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