Feel for reducing the nose .. Use the pudding spider


Many women who do not feel satisfied with the size of their large or wide nose, and often they are visit cosmetic surgery to make their natural shape they are; dream. But what ones do not know is that a trick can be found to help with a temporary solution to this problem without work. Just make simple and easy steps, use the eye press.

Draw on the sides of the piston, with a darker pen in your skin, two lines on the roof of your nose. Then cook it with ite and show that your big nose is smaller.

If your nose is wide, you can reinforce it by using the fence to remove the eyes and upper plants. Submit a little caramel color to all of the forces. Drag two lines on the roof of your nose and then sneak up a bit with a prostitute. So, your nose will look smaller, and remember to visit one of those games if you need them before you come to an event.

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