Fees affect her mother with a rare disease that will be killed 50 years later


In Denmark, a woman recently died of a rare debt that was contracted five decades after her baby was under the influence of her baby, when she was pregnant.

The woman, in her seventies, died from the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease,rare chronic illness, and also mortal, caused by an infectious protein, called prion. Although it seems that he has never suffered changes to a generation, his son was born with his son; genitive mutant dependent on print, he got from his father, who died years ago.

"Tough story"

The doctors think that a woman has that disease. affecting that disease with a & # 39; baby while working, because fetal cells carried the toxic protestant to travel through the center until he reached his brain.

Ausrine Areskeviciute, researcher at the Danish Reference Center for University Prion Diseases in Copenhagen – explained in the Times statement – when a woman is pregnant, "the child's cells travel through the plague across her body, and they can reach different groups. "

The deceased's son is still alive, but, according to Areskeviciute, there are already "marked signs" of the disease. "There are no cures and the prognosis is not good", lamenting the researcher, decides to" this is a really tough story. "

His case was published in the Journal of Neuropathology & Experimental Neurology.

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