Fees: Canucks are hitting to win an interesting place


It was to win an unlikely place to go to; Looking so important and missing a difficult road game on Thursday when Canucks Vancouver got twice in the last four minutes of ruling to give a defeat in a 4-3 defeat for Nashville hunters.

The Canucks, who were also getting twice in the final four minutes of winning a 3-2 Tuesday in Columbus, expanded their points to four games (3-0-1) against one of the best teams at the National Hockey League.

The streak started with 5-5 Canucks against the Prosecutors in Vancouver last Thursday. The Canucks are a wholly different team than those 1-10-2 until winning a week's win because of a successful three-game trip.

Colton Sissons made the way to Nick Bonino again behind Vancouver's visitor, Anders Nilsson, at 3:05 p.m. Bo Horvat, a suit that was hit by Sissons on the winner, had been back on a bad jumper with 44 seconds left in the third time. Nilsson was on the bay, and so the Canucks were in a position; Five-to-five skins with an open web in the back when they tied it.

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The restart started with 4:05 a while when Brock Boeser spent a one-hour device from Pekka Rinne, the Nashville visitor, to complete a 1-to-22 finish with power of Vancouver power.

The short visit to Jay Beagle is the only score 55 minutes long Canucks & # 39; The predators were 3-1 on the goals by Ryan Hartman, Jarnkrok and Bonino Street, and then they were It has been a big impact on the last time but Nilsson was sank.

But five points out of a place where November sank, the Canucks will be opening five games five games and Saturday against Philadelphia Flyers.


Canucks Travis Green coach walked to & # 39; Nilsson started because the backup had not been played in nine days and Vancouver had two of his goals if he wants to connect to the playoff race in the long- time. But for Nilsson's playing time, Green first played his first Jacob Markstrom player, who won the previous three games. play as well as this season.

We have no problem with its coach and # 39; Going to Nilsson, who was good at the last two awards even though he did not win in six from Dr. 16. We have a problem with Nilsson's fighting on his / her. The first clarification of his Nashville (Hartman's Witch from above the 5:52 circles) and his enough loss to kill Bonino far and 2-0 at 8:40.

But for the third time Nilsson was inaccurate to blame at night because the cleaner made a fraction of five alarms; save to keep the Canucks close. At the end of 14-6 Nashville had accommodation before Vancouver started to boost shortly before Boeser's aim.

Nilsson may have been better than a ns; most of his teams. A solution was both amazing.


Horvat, who does not need C to be a leader of Canucks, makes his most important game play after a whistle.

When the Romans Josi were overcrowding Horvat dangerously in the late numbers, game with the score still 3-1, Jake Virtanen welcomed the Battalion captain. But when he knew that his team was going to his / her; power, Horvat went on from Virtanen to ensure that Josi was the only one who was in a position; go to the penalty box.

Thirty and nine seconds later, Boeser broke at a time past and played a game; there.

In the NHL since it was 19, Horvat seems to have been old. Now 23, he has many wisdom.

Horvat's actions on the Josi statue have loved and loved it, and how hard it is; it is. Getting something from a game is difficult to get the Canucks to be lost in control.


As his admiralty did not have enough evidence on Sunday in St Louis that Boeser's tight connection was back, the sophomore lost 13 games with a wound wound out of his company with his & # 39; single-timer game power from its bad wing. It was old Boeser; – if you can be an old thing at the age of 21 – when he expressed his first playstation since the last February. Even when it starts slowly after a bad injury to the last season, then it's a problem with a groin, Boeser has 10 goals in 21 games.

It was at 23:06 on Thursday, however, about a minute too long. Boeser got hold of the ice for 1:45 over a long term. A long, three-to-three change that can happen.

But Boeser, easily completed by Josi, has had a single opportunity to visit, should be slightly more aware when he is protecting in OT. He was looking well and was shot over time in a 2-1 defeat of Canucks to Kings Los Angeles for a fortnight.


Erik Gudranson was a fighter game due to back spells. Alex Biega was replaced. If Green thinks it's another change on Saturday, I might like to consider Tim Schaller, which was only 4:12 on Thursday but he was behind for Nashville's goals two of his eight shifts.


Yes, Canucks, Peter Palmu, who returns to the Finnish Premier League for playing time is not expected to be the best thing for him. But the Canucks should not be happy by doing it; make "the right thing" for the 21st birthday because the best thing for the organization to be to fire the fireplace; spend this season learning a game in North America with the Utica Comets.

Instead, Palmu will return to TPS Turku after just 12 of the 28 American Hockey Games have been introduced, and # 39; leaving behind one goal and one help in what should be a success of the Canucks farm crew.

We will find it: The Canucks have a lot of young opportunities, especially promising wings, who need to play in the AHL. But Palmu, a six-week draft election from 2017, was a Fingalian League's last band last year when he set out 17 times in 59 games, not more than a season. Most coaches at Canucks compete in September and he looked comfortably against NHL players during the season. Even at five feet six, he was a Looking strong enough and aggressive to handle a game outside America.

If things had been good for him in Utica this fall, Palmu would have been a long way to be a NHL on a regular basis. And Turku has a great improvement time – although Canucks has no proper control – and has left years to try to make the NHL. But it's hard to return to Finland, after September in the promises of Canucks, as a victim for Palmu and the club. We hope it's that.

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