FEI provides advice on the inflammation of flu


The FEI has provided guidance to clarify how they will deal with the statements, how to identify their virus, and how they can stop action. Until 8th February, j.l. Several of the words were reinforced in Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Nigeria, Great Britain and the United States.

Swine flu, as FEI defines, is a very serious virus that causes respiratory diseases in horses. The virus is independent of most countries in the world and can have a negative impact on the horse industry, including limiting the transport of horses and eliminating events.


The FEI is clear in addressing its & # 39; virus. When you show signs, a petitioner needs to be cited immediately and needs to make blood tests and tests. The most important thing is that the horses are rotted in accordance with the FEI regulations. Hedgehogs are well protected against their virus according to FEI. Although a vaccine does not work 100%, its & # 39; less virus. After mixing with other horses at competitions, for example, the FEI offers heating to the horses twice a day. The vaccine data must be correctly and correctly entered in the passport (FEI). When a horse shows symptoms or is involved in a horse with flu, it can not leave the building itself.

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Tobar: FEI / Horses.nl

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