Fèis Òrain 2019: these are the players … but we're just talking about Conan Osiris


The first half weeks of the 2019 Song Festival took place on Saturday, the 16th, with the first four finalists; to come.

"Perfect", a subject played by Matay, the one to vote, and adds 22 points. Conan Osiris & "Mobile", with 19 points, and then Calema's "A Dois" (18 points) and "Inércia" by Ana Claudia (13 points).

In fact, the last song, "Inércia", written by D 'Alva, linked to the song "É O Que É", was made by D.A.M.A and played by João Campos. However, as assessed in the rule, if it happens, the subject chosen by the jury is the one to vote.

Although they were four finalists, Conan Osiris is the artist who talks about it. In the YouTube channel of Festival da Canção, it is the Lisbon youth show that has gathered more ideas and ideas among the finalists that have already been confirmed.

Do not forget to see the videos with the first four finalists of the 2019 Summer Festival.

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