Felipão returns to herself at the age of 70 and her. making a history with Palmeiras


Luiz Felipe Scolari had a promise to all of Palmeiras, from the nostalgia supporter he still saw as Libertador 1999's campaigner, the leaders who were not satisfied with Roger Machado. Since now, Felipão fell from the sky. Even in China, the coach was always remembered by Brazil teams, but did not want to go back. He was about to hit Korea for a new World Cup tour when Palmeiras was asked to help him, a good team with good but bad casting; He can resist himself against weaknesses.

The close relationship and love with the Palmeiras changed Felipão's plans, which were reversed and returned to Brazil to answer their call. The closest ones say that only two banners would be able to restore Scolari, one of them Palmeiras.

Everything was on woven wire, as in the old days. Return to Brazilian football and her. Remembering the failure of the poll in the battles for four years ago he did not stop his / her; coach ever. But the pace was good too. As for Palmeiras, Felipão killed his responsibility and became a warrior once again.

The coach, 70 of which is converted this year and says that it is still "doing everything like the age of 20," on the spectacle that is very much kept on changed that the old soldier's coach had lost his hand. He has been lamenting the series of new devices that have taken large teams even though they are not yet ready, Ceni, Barbieri, Jair Ventura, Call Osmar and a little else staying on the road.

In the same wave, some clubs changed hands and tried to run after more experienced technicians. Atletico-MG, for example, was looking for Levir Culpi. Guild Santos to Cuca. Dorival took Flamengo.

Felipeo's plan was at Palmeiras. Even if he did, he would do it. It is like that. Mail & # 39; the first step to the players. Deyverson went on to play more and be defended in the group. "If Deyverson gets" maracugina "before the game, it's pretty well. I'm sure there's a quarter back that's like to play with, it's really tough, it's bad -ofofurtail all the time, he did not lose his ball in the technical part, but he is a player who gives up what is needed in the group in the At times, "said Felipão as soon as He realized that his attack was easy to get into danger in the field.

With her hands, Felipão tried to give her a spy to the magazines and the old hard state. Everything inside your companion. Drained training, stop the rite, hitting and blowing. Felipão did not change anything he was the last time he had at the club. "I'm the same thing as everything," he said several times.

When he is not at the Academy, he is living in his normal life near the playground, where he lives and is often seen in the community, even at a fair he is at home; joins his wife, Dona Olga. "Felipão's love is with everyone, I'm giving him a lot," Deyverson said.

2016 Brasileirão contributes to the Choach titles. The Copa for Brazil and Libertadores could have them. He did not.

In almost three years in China, he marked seven bowls. But in China … In China, no other important technicians have done anything. Felipão is coming from a pragmatic school who is going to go to school. sing conquest above. Nothing is more important than being a campaigner. Ask about the games that did not & # 39; Like this Brasileirao, Felipão says "nothing does work if Palmeiras does not compete". You won. "It's important to me and Palmeiras," said Felipão in Rio.

There are some who do not agree with this. A good team can be remembered if they play well and enjoy. But most of it closed. I have to win a National. For the supporter, he was a master on this Palmeiras that brought him back.

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