Fellaini lost his mascot before he came to the field


Manchester United player Marouane Fellaini influenced Young Boys overseas, and gave her a ticket to the European League competitions. But the beginning of it is not. game for the Belgian football is the best way.

Fellaini is considered to have been a master's invasive and defensive games – almost not. lose a player with whom he / she personally plays. But it seems that it is harder to get in a tunnel in a tunnel.

Before entering the field, the Fellaini camera, who was watching around, took the " searching for a mascot, but these searches did not succeed.

As a result, the player still went to the field with his / her; child – he was "chosen" by Lingard, who was the last one to enter the field.

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See also the video of Fellaini's aim and review the game between Manchester United and Young Boys.

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