female celebrity where girls succeed in the failure of men


An exhibition made by Steve McQueen, 5 starred stars, a good deal of women and a story that is upheld … It is not possible to lose this movie for a woman.

Warriors affect even more miserable than any team in the & # 39; town Paper House gather? The little is the movie that praises Widow, signed by Steve McQueen. And if you do not know what movie you see this week in the dark rooms, look at any other look, we find you.

What does that talk?

Chicago, today. There are four women who are not familiar with each other and are not all common with the ties with a difficult promise. Their men have just died in deceased misery. They are obliged to join themselves to pay back their debts collected by their respective partners. The most effective solution? Getting involved in crime, hoping (s) to take their own trip into their own hands. And for the women to explain this badass, bitter actresses that were absolutely necessary. Le Viola Davis, Cynthia Erivo, Ealasaid Debicki, and indeed, Michelle Rodriguez, Steve McQueen simply understands, without harm.

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Film director but not that …

ma Widow It is a genuine movie genre, aka, a movie of actualization, true, as we enjoy with all the codes that are in the public domain. He mentions, it is also, much more. Steve McQueen, the strikingly famous director 12 year old slave (impossible to forget), go far beyond his new film. As a result, we can say, Widow, unbelievably a woman's movie! Here, not some female women in some people and even green plants, such as some stolen films. They are located, strong and intense. And between us, we would almost do not try to try the robber. But hush!

So what are you waiting to go to the films?

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