Female teachers were seriously injured by November 20


The police in Tam Thang (Ky city city, Quang Nam province) on the afternoon of 21-11, is reinforced in society directly to his wife who is seriously injured.

The female teacher was severely cut by 20-11 - Picture 1.

Mrs. T.M was hired by her husband, who was wounded in the night (Ảnh minh họa: NLĐO)

According to its first information, about 21 hours on 17-11, Pham Hong T.M. (SN 1995) motorcycle driving on the road through the village of Kim Thanh (Tam Thang commune) to get home, and his man Pham Minh Hoc (SN 1995, living in stones Xuan Quy, Tam Thang common) car and haul many people.

Those who suffered then were brought to hospital in a condition of abuse, and including bad badness.

Ms. M. is a family teacher, working at a school in Tam City City. Ms. M. and Learning did not take a long marriage, a baby was born, but a couple often got married; Includes inconveniences by checking or doing; playing, football … The case is being investigated by Tam Ky's police. clear.


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