Females in Loma Hermosa: so they threw the corpse of the passive


Last night, the body of a woman's body was found next to a loophole, in front of hard-haired goods on Prime Minister's Street at 9000, in the village Beautiful mountain, party Tres de Febrero. His body passed wounded with me consistent with strangulation.

The police arrived from Buenos Aires to the place after calling, at 7:30, they informed 911 that there was a group there to be discharged from a car.

During the first time, a & # 39; body, checked by UFI No. 6 of San Martin with the procurator Marcela Costa, order autopsy and delete your paths.

Until the turf was blocked. "My mom is my mom!"cried a little girl at her house door, in front of the scene, witnesses Group:. One of his brothers had a picture of his body on his phone, incredible.

Then, another one of the daughters of the girl, from 16 years, he appeared before Justice. The victim, his mother, Andrea Gabriela López, from 44 years old, who lived just in front of where the body was found.

As the sources of the research were known, the woman was married for about 20 years Juan Carlos Garcilazobricklayer 53 years old. It started in the last time both would have argued about the tenancy of their three children. For now The police want the man hard.

Shortly after, there were known images of the security cameras of a hard-standing shop that is in front of the truck where Lopez was dead. Filming showed the moment the body was inserted on the way, not to be taken out of a car as expected at first, but the man saw, possibly Garcilazo, which was loaded and left there.

While he was & # 39; trying to clarify his case the appearance of the father's father's father's dreams Lucas Viatri he was involved in the truth. The police sent this draft, to ensure that the person is a neighboring merchant, just a goods owner; filming, who said that the victim's partner was the ones who left their opponents on their side. head.

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