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Recently, the film "The Trilogy of Fengshen" left a special edition and a painting on the back of the scene with the "Baigong Creation" theme to remember the filming of the film for 100 days. This release will begin with the film team behind the scenario and it will be a great deal. Recording many artists and craftsmen who have been working hard for the film. Their dedication to work and seeking high quality requirements has helped the film "Four God's Divinity" to looking for excellence. Keep moving on.

The film was converted for 100 days, and the works left the hands and created the "Feng Shen"

The special feature of the film "The Trilogy of Fengshen" shows the work status of many artists in the art props department. They are either a # 39; set their heads, or focus on being & # 39; weave, or improve, whether it is a little decoration on the uniform. It is still the detailed detail in the great view, and all processes are closed and designed.

In a short video of two minutes, the preet startup, the jewels, the leathermaster, and the # 39; maker, sculptor, sculptor, terrestrial work, props weaver, probal handheld, hair Increase staff such as raids and shoes and clay trousers into the eye. These include sculptors and sculptors who graduated from the Fine Arts Academy, the Qinghua Academy and other groups of higher education, as well as craftsmen who have been working for forty years and working quietly. In order to interpret the Chinese high classical minds, they use consistency and focus on the day and night to try to ensure that all details of the film "The Trilogy of the Gods "has been produced. This purest spirit is very good.

In addition to the specials behind-the-scenes, the "Fengshen Trilogy" film also added eight photographs behind the perspective of the "Baigong Creation" theme. The pictures are very realistic in showing the enthusiasm of the background staff of the backdrop of different sections of the team from different scenes. The detailed operating department also has a & # 39; The film shows "Fengshen Trilogy" on the road to contribute to a Chinese film industry. The research carried out.

By caring carefully every day, the first creative jobs are & # 39; describes classic Chinese images

Not only does the image of the film "The Trilogy of Fengshen" appear in the filming process, but also started from the Fengshen Trilogy film project in 2014, and started in 2018, "Fengshen Performing Arts Trèanaidh Camp", and then officially launched in September. At the beginner level, a project team has been in & # 39; collection and layout of the original work base, and # 39; finishing the script, select and & # 39; training of actors, and so on.

To present the original concept in the film, in September 2016, director Wu Ershan directed the conceptual design, art design, visual effects and script crew to visit the Yin Ruins Museum and the Museum Bronze in a month. Shangzhou History, Museum of Cultural Relics, Temple of the Jade Emperor, and Yongle Palace, etc., together with the exhibition of palaces and monuments in the Chinese classical artistic system. The model team also made many invitations and surveys around the country. Behind her first day of the film "Fengshen Trilogy" is a continuous number of years, the steady and sustainable craftwork, the aim of creating a legend that is true to the Chinese itself.

The film "The Trilogy of Fengshen" is directed by Wu Ershan. It is expected that the problem will be released in 2020, 2021 and 2022 respectively.

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