Fernanda Iglesias told Roberto Pettinato for genetic harassment: "I was paralysis"


"I'm going to tell you for the first time, because there are so many things that one remembers". A complaint about it Thelma Fardín the face Juan Darthés He helped many women to be encouraged to say they suffered ill-treatment or harassment at a time in their lives.

Fernanda Iglesias, who had publicly supported Karina Mazzocco, Josefina Pouso, Emilia Claudeville, among others, against Roberto Pettinato, showing bad time he was going to; stay with the driver in 2009 when they share them Perfect world for the American screen.

"Once it happened to me that it was, inside a sitting room, which attacked my forehead", his colleagues surprised You have to see – The tour led by Denise Dumas and José María Listorti-, added the panel: "Strong, is not it?".

Then he explained that this situation, Pettinato, "looked like." "Unfortunately, it is like that," he said and continued to tell what he did at that time: "I was in paralysis, I was unhappy laughing, as it happens in those cases, and left me."

(A commentary about Fernanda Iglesias about Roberto Pettinato – Video: We see, El Nueve)

"The worst thing of all I did not put out, because it was natural to me. Now I'm just missing that right. That's why I'm supporting all the girls, "he said to the journalist that there were no partners at the program panel at the time Pettinato did. guide.

Due to the fact that she felt that the driver was on, Iglesias asked her sweetheart to go with her to her visit to find out if she had been on her. influencing Roberto. Later, Amalia Granata and Luli Fernández met. "I think Luli needs to be the same because of that there was no woman there to be saved from there", he praised and added that artists and producers of production were harassed: "& Maybe they do not want to tell about it from fear, but it was normal, it was like that."

(Roberto Pettinato gave an account of the allegations against him – Film: We see, El Nueve)

"At any time it rises to report it. It was very natural. I did that with all of them. Today I do not think of being named it but I do not know it. Supporting the girls he made and I want them to believe. I worked with him for many years and I know it was like that. He was not alone with me. It was natural that he affected you, he caught you, he wanted to try to kiss … ", Fernanda Iglesias finished her story about Roberto Pettinato.

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