Fernando Gago received the recording


This morning, the middle of his & # 39; the park Beul, Fernando Gago, after being run on Friday afternoon breaking Achilles' casing on his right foot. It should be noted that this injuries suffered the last Sunday of his & her; final of the Libertadores Cup, played opposite The River in Madrid.

The player, at the age of 32, was run at Agote Sanitarium, located in the Buenos Aires de Recoleta area, in an intervention made by the medical head of An Ribera, Jorge Batista.

Gago He retired at 9.15 on Friday on board a car that his wife, former tennis player gave Gisela Dulko, without reporting to the media that are present. At least, the revival is needed Fernando six to seven months. Given his age, Pintita can continue in professional work for a few years. However, the football is thinking of having a & # 39; hanging the drops and dragging them away from the subject, because they did not. Suffering the wounds that had been suffering across his job could not do to # 39; achieve in the best way. According to some party journalists, the booklet has decided to abandon its control.

This hurt Painted The third problem is recently, after the Achilles breaks the tendon of the left leg to happen in 2015 and the cruciate ligament in the & # 39; Last year's knee, his first game in Boca and the second one working in the Argentina election for South American South American Graduates for Russia 2018.

In the last hours, the middle of the playground Xeneize I received support from an old River. It is about it Alejandro "Chori" Domnguez, He said: "As a colleague, I leave the colors outside, it's a big grief that needs to go through that, a bad man, from After so many attempts, it's affecting it's really awesome. "

"I'm giving this opportunity to put all the strength to you and to make a quick revival, it's really interesting, a professional can treat you in the best way," a & # 39 ; finishing Chori, Millionaire.

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