Fernando Gago: "We should play on the River court for the good of Argentine"


-When you played next to Pablo Pérez, Boca na team had more ownership of his music. Today, the applicant's River appears to have more members and yourself, the face. How do you think of the game with the River, how is your team today?

-This is dependent on how the game is displayed, the places that are in place; appears, because it is likely to want to; a member always exists, there are times when someone can go to; See that compromise can be made worse That's why it's important to know how to play it.

– Many say that Boca wanted to play in the Monumental as the River could feel the weight of the & # 39; playing in front of his audience and his ability to give him the Olympic tour there, but again, others say that there is a better boca for Boca there because the River strong strong before the public comes. What is the truth?

– Most important, I do not think about the weight. We should have played on the River court for a good Argentine piper. That needs to be made clear because we can not allow the rest of the world to see things like they have done and the final final of the Copa Libertadores to be played in Spain. And then, it is true that people would put their weight on it; monument, with the result of the face or with us by getting closer to its goal, but we never know it.

– Yesterday many people came to see them in training, and many Boca fans have organized money and time to travel to Spain, leaving everything behind them. Do you talk to you?

– sure. And for that reason, we will leave everything for them, for those in Spain or those in Argentina or anywhere in the world.

– Is there anything about the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, who knows how to play there for years, do you feel that it can be used for a & # 39; this game?
-Yo, visit the enemy's goal. No … there's nothing special, as long as I know. What we need to do is attack.

– Madrid has a large population. Many people who have already seen you play with the white shirt.

-In, it'll be weird, very urgent. The finalists of the Copa Libertadores in Europe will be very rare. That's not what we were thinking about or what we wanted, but we need to address it. I have had a lot of good things at Real Madrid for five years and have good memories.

– Did you already have links with Real Madrid team companies?

-Sia, talk me some. They asked me to talk about this. They are also surprised by this border here.

-Deich Benedetto said the game was a day with Independiente, that is, eight days after his date set for the final in Monumental, he did not; The team can focus on football and has not been achieved there. Was it so sad?

-Sa, it was very difficult because it was very difficult to be in mind after what happened, which was a problem, but we need to change, and take full into the final and a few days work and other arrangements. There is also a change in climate because winter is here but we have to address everything that comes to our end.

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