Ferrari 488 Spider was destroyed outside Houghton golf course


Photograph: Twitter through Reza (@crimeairnetwork).

Johannesburg – It has never been the pleasure of seeing a car's car, but when it turns out that it is so impressive of the kind of dreams it makes, it's a bad look for those who are coming on.

That's how Ferrari's 488 spider was over the weekend, as we see in those pictures posted by Twitter by Reza (@crimeairnetwork).

According to its account, the driver "probably" lost control over the # 39; A speedy carriage outside the Houghton Golf Club in Johannesburg.

The impact of his & # 39; It extracts a large portion of the face of the Ferrari face, but in fact no statement has been made; Despite injuries, the passengers were left full and steady through the influence.

It's a expensive loft though. The 488 Spider, which was launched in South Africa in May 2016, is currently featured at R5.8 million.

The open-roof supercar is powered by a 3.9-liot turbocharged V8 device that makes 492kW and 760Nm enough to get the prancing horse from 0-100km / h in just three seconds, and up to 200km / h only 8.7s, depending on company claims, while the highest speed is listed at 325km / h.

To reduce weight, car & car; Using expensive and light materials, including 11 different types of aluminum language, some with other metal such as magnesium.


– REZA (@crimeairnetwork)
November 25, 2018

As expected, the Social Media Judgments and the jury had a field day, giving opinions such as:

"I'm sure that's going out …"

"More money than skill …"

"I hope it's not Momentum"

"Why do you have a hat for a hat!"

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