FETÖ work in many towns. 100 maintenance order


Police officers of various police officers investigating the investigation were carried out in order to introduce a terrorist body FETÖ / PDY to 58 under suspicion of the digital information received t through the clerical statements of associates named as head, teacher and depute headteacher. .

Those suspected of having been involved in the work were called to police for questioning the health reviews in the forensic unit.


In contrast, in Izmir, 42 suspects were arrested in the rehabilitation of İzmir, tested with FETÖ / PDY.

The Public Liability Office Izmir Provincial has been working on arrangements for a team of anti-terrorist and domestic violence teams within the Defense Forces, to work against FETÖ / PDY.

42 suspects, including senior members and the close brothers, were arrested in the raids against the named addresses.

Retrieved from BALKON

During the process, some suspects leapt from the balcony and attempted to escape. Those suspected were treated and treated in hospital. It was learned that the people were suspected of good health.

Some suspects tried to turn the phones they used during the police raid, and others tried to do away with taking the telephones and computers from the police. house. However, the ban on crews banned this suspected operation. During the calls posted at the addresses, it was found that the smartphones which were used to communicate with members of the group were placed in the envelopes issued to the group members.

It was said that the suspects were involved in establishing a new İzmir area to establish the group in the city. People suspected were being put to safety for questioning.


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