Few awareness of theft of News


To town 5, TT.Plei Kan, H. Hoi H. Ask about the stealing here, who also cries on his head. Households will lose pumps, engines; If the pipe is cut off, the screeches are turned out, the lock is broken, the chain is cut. Ms. Ha Thi Nhung in this city was the pump twice, the last time he lost, he bought the machine instead and lost it again.

Local people reported that local youth groups have specialized in theft of robbery, professional activities, theft quickly, hard to find and arrest. Many cars lose fire, battery, rearview mirror in just a minute.

According to Nguyen Quang Hung, his / her group said they were stealing or dressing in uniform, often displaying them; catching, fishing, fishing. After having a family before being passed, they would use steel attachments to attach their doors and gates, and when they got out, they did not; They can go out; To call her children, active departments for the group were severely stealing. It is deserve to say that, in many cases, because the house is not stolen, the robbers also have a breakdown of their homes; damage that can not be used.

Mr Nguyen Xuan Phuong, Chairman of the People's Committee, Mr Plei Kan, confirmed that the area's property stealing is very difficult in the past. Through the deceit of the people of the town, theft was held between September and today, especially stock loss, hens, pumps, battery cars …, with the number of dozens, Even more cases, but there are no special statistics.

His Police also stated that the vehicle had 26 batteries back when they were; investigating theft in the area. Over the past, many of the car owners have lost batteries on the policemen H. Hoi Hoi. The trick of this crime is to take into account late at night, see their cars outside the desert road, and # 39; Using gamemakers, fencing, force geovers … lock the car, bracket, delete the product.

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