Fewer than half of the soldiers are entitled to more paid payment;


Today the government decided exactly which members of the Slovenian Armed Forces (SV) are paid in accordance with Article 59 of the Law on Service in the Slovene Army as a result of workload and increased responsibilities. As noted in a government session after a message, the number of beneficiaries more than will be lower than at the end of 2018.

Although the government says in the communication that Ministry of Defense unions were not protesting against the material sent to you, it is clear that they are not entirely satisfied with the solution. . Secretary of the Ministry of Defense Trade Union Marjan Lahthe STA has estimated that the government's decision is partly dealing with paying for the increased burden on soldiers.

It also welcomes the fact that it also provides for those members of the FOI who undertake the job of helping to protect the state's borders and participate in dedicated SV sessions. , but troops are having an increased problem as a result of the inability of SSA staff. They also recognize this on the government side, as they stated in the press that the onus on SAF staff is high and they have a significant shortage of human resources.

No objective decision today, as the government says, the increase general in wages in SSA, but changes in payments is already, so that the mechanisms for a financial award is implemented correctly for those members with majority responsibilities.

Owing to increased work and specific pressures, government decision-making makes provision for a 10% increase in basic salaries for soldiers in intended units within NATO and other international operations, t for training and training.

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SAF members will be given a 20 per cent increase in their basic salary in the duties of preparing doctors, pilots (except for creative duties, the officer is a pilot starter under Lieutenant), aircraft engineers, technicians. airplanes, technological personnel, flight managers, radar technical staff, bomb technicians, divers, pyrotechnics, intelligence information and creativity duties in specialist units and on military vessels.

Will be increases of 19 per cent of salary to radically those in units, sub-buildings and transfers or temporary agencies temporary status of forces respond, or to activities critical to make up orders particularly from the Chief of General Staff of the SAF .

According to the government, the decision will be about 6.6 million euros this year and about 11 million euro in the next year. The funds are planned in a defense ministry financial plan. Some ten million euro was spent for this purpose last year.

According to a press release after the government session, will be decided by a press release "In a more transparent and fair manner provided for the implementation & # 39; Article 59 of the Law on service in the SAF (prevention leveling), and as a result the number of beneficiaries down more than half regarding the number at the end of 2018. ".

One indication of a reduction in the number of beneficiaries was damaged by a trade union and the Ministry of Defense, where they also noted that the decision taken by the government today to help a little with the material to enter. In the second bullet point, where the decision lists the benefit of 20% of basic salaries, the substance added that an increase in basic salary would be 20 per cent in the second paragraph of Article 59 of the law on the The service. Minister on proposal recommendation of SSA General Staff.

The issue is about the benefits of beneficiaries, as a result of the additional workload and responsibilities, which has been going on for a long time. Former Chief Executive General SV Allan Gederin the middle of last year, as a result of malnutrition staff, it & # 39; he ordered that soldiers benefit of 19% for the additional workload and workload. After the recommendation of the Departmental Audit in November last year, the number of benefit allowances was reduced to around 5000, 6700 workers, head of the newly created capital ward t Alenka Ermenche also hoped that he would reduce a significant reduction in the suite of beneficiaries, who suffered from the soldiers and trade unions who represented them.

Government decision to accept the government today will pay in March.

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