Fialka lawyers again ask the SBA to terminate their illicit procedure


Bratislava, November 21 (TASR) – GARANT PARTNER's office e.r. to state that he wants the Biathlon Union to end his / her; An illegal approach against Pauline and Ivone Fialkovi and allowing them to represent a Slovak Republic.

This was done after lawyers received a report from the Sports Director, based on a lawyer's statement dated 19 November 2018. The Sports Chief Executive, according to the applicant's office, was fully commemorated on His conclusions, which both addressed the illegal use of the Baltic and Baltic Society.

Legal Office GARANT PARTNER is the legal law in this context, gave an opinion on Wednesday to publish the complete text of the TASR without modified modifications:

"GARANT PARTNER's legal law as legal representative of Sestier Fialkov received the report on the Head of Control of Sport, based on the warning of the legal company of 19.11.2018.

In the first installment, we 're appreciate the interestingness of the situation and at the same time we inform that the Sports Chief Executive has fully agreed to the decisions that he has made. law firm, which undermined the illegal approach of the Biathlon Slovac Federation (herein "SZB") when signing a State Sport Agreement for Fialkov Nurses. The Chief Examiner of the Biollon Union recommended urgently to take the following steps:

1. according to § 29 par. 3 of the Amateur Act. 440/2015 Colla. Adopt guidance within the Soviet Biathlon Society, which will deal with the rights and responsibilities of a sports producer,

2. Compliance with the Act on Sport on the results of contractual relationships that govern sporting activities in accordance with the Sport Act,

3. Disciplinary actions for breaking the decision of SZB groups to & # 39; comply with regulations within the SZB, the Act on Sport and the Constitution of Slovak Republic.

Legal Office GARANT PARTNER is the legal law that states that the request for the Biathlon Federation of Slobhacia is to finishing his unlawful procedure against Fialkov's sisters, who lasts several months, gave an order of representative of the Republic of Sierra, who named the Fialka sisters and allowed Fialka's wives to represent a Slovak Republic. At the same time, we confirm that Fialka's sister is a fully respect the legal framework in the use and respect of their personal rights by the Bilateral Federation of Slovak Republic under the relevant provisions of the Sport Act, "according to the lawyer's opinion.

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