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The dietary conflict and union will be taken. They do not scratch, just connect.

Bratislava. Paulina Fialk, the Slice moth, has published the reasons why he does not want to sign a biathlon union with her sister Ivona.

Without a state representation contract, nurses can not start in a race. The new World Cup season has begun in at least two weeks.

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Spor on a coach

The unrest with the union, Fialk, speaks of "an uncommon power game". On the other hand, the Soviet Biathlon Federation's leadership does not see anything wrong with it; treaty. She argues that she has named 27 delegates, including the Olympic winner, Anastasia Kuzminova.

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According to Paulina Fialková, it is the problem that new leadership is in place; club after the successful success of the season on the main coach Anna Murínová and coach trainer Martin Bajčička throwing out the coach team.

The union against both has terminated the contracts and moved them to the position of personalized Fialkovi trainers to take part in the Top Olympic team. This gives them special funding. Bletletes continue to be trained under Murinova and Bajčička.

According to biathlonists advocates, it was only due to the support of the Slovenian Olympic Committee. The contract is illegal.

Many duties, without rights

"There are requests for all at the union, but sportsmen do not guarantee anything," said Paulina Fialk.

"The contract would require a personalized athlete to be transferred to a union that may run freely and even move to other commercial companies. And everyone without agreement the athlete and no idea, "she said on Facebook.

"In addition, union representatives have given us submissions, although we paid coaches involved in their competition from their own resources, they have no proof of them," she said.

Scientists say they do not have a requirement for advertising space in the suit and that they accept advertising partners. societies and their rights to use athletes for advertising.

However, some of the contracts are blocked. For example, the obligation of supporting social networking or trust law requires an athlete to take part in his own unpaid advances.

"Such arrangements are not available in the covenant," the union is against it.

Fialk: What should we do?

Violet is also blocking it, without a written agreement from the society, that they can not encourage other units as union partners.

According to the union, this is essential by the International Union of Biathlon rules. It's about not to inspire an athlete, for example, cigarettes or alcohol. "Such provision was part of the production contract in the past, and Fialka's sisters had no problem," said the union.

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The biathlete will also block its & # 39; contract for four years. According to the union, it is only a copy of the Olympic regiment and the other delegates welcomed.

The Fialk sisters and the union are not in touch for a longer period. They talk through solicitors and & # 39; connecting through social networks and media.

The union says that she does not understand why the Fialks are not for her & # 39; sign a contract. "It's obvious that there is no reason," said the union.

"What else should we do to represent?" Paulina Fialk was invited to Facebook.

"We have a simple response – come and agree to a delegation," said the union.

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