Fib Sensor Sosh at € 14.99 instead of € 29.99 (without commitment, 1 year, including rent)


The price battle continues to grow between internet users who are experiencing a " Looking for the best things to do for the holidays. This time, a co-company converter is a low cost Orange for its offer Sosh Fiber Box at € 14.99 / month instead of € 29.99 / month for one year, not save € 180.

€ 180 off one year

This is a good plan to make an application for users who are eligible for fiber optics. Sosh has a monthly subscription price reduction with 50% from € 29.99 to € 14.99 for your first year. So you can achieve a good saving of € 180, which is far beyond sight!

In addition, this offer is without commitmentyou can switch to another operator at the end of 12 months or before. And most of all, the rent is on the # 39; Sosh box is included in the subscription price.

Detailed information on Sosh fiber

sosh, usually you know, who is a subsidiary of the Orange activist. Users who benefit from a fiberglass and & # 39; historical society. Fees run through the Sosh 300 Mbps fiber, both up and down.

Sosh box also contains a & # 39; giving it access unlimited border telephony to French landlines and 100 other destinations of the world. However, we need to add € 5 / month to non-endless calls on mobile phones.

Television level, there are two options available to you: use the TV TV free app on your smartphone / PC / Mac or enter for € 5 / month to its body. The second one gives 160 channels an opportunity to not; including over 70 in HD.

Last interesting point Sosh will pay up to € 100 for finishing fees from the previous operator. If you are not suitable for a thread, Sosh also offers an ADSL Box from € 14.99 / month to & # 39; first year, then € 19.99 / month.

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