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The disorder is marked by an irregular heart rhythm and often. In Slovakia for 10 years, the number of patients has increased by 32%.

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Physicians will pay attention to their & # 39; an increasingly rising movement of fibrillation
courtyard. This comes from a new report of the Atrial Fueling Association
which was given during World Week time with an awareness of this disease.
Accordingly, the atrial fibrillation is among the most prominent health
to solve the world.

"The atrium's fibrillation is the most common and most familiar arrhythmia
It can be an unfortunate illness with life-threatening problems.
Happening in Europe and Slovia is still in existence; grow. In our country for ten years
the number of patients was up to 32 per cent. It is a complicated disease, but it's good
it can be cured if it is open in time, "
the chairman said
Of the Caribbean Arrhythmias Cairdiach Gabriela Kaliská Society.

Factors of Risk

Fibrillation of the atrium is an irregular and rapid type
heart rhythm that continues to double its heart; anti-co-ordination
courtyard. An irregular heart rhythm can cause blood circulation
behaviors because the blood can be carried out; gather before pumping into the brain
in the heart. So the patient is in danger of developing a blow
associated with atrial fibrillation.

This disease is particularly dangerous there by almost 30%
patients are not receiving any mark. However, it is an advanced illness,
which in one of the five impacts will change over the next year
from one minute to the permanent fraction of the fiber. There is more
risk factors – obesity, diabetes, alcohol, heart failure,
The effects of smoking and senior age, with eight have been over 65
out of ten.

The number of patients is growing

"Even in Slovakia, the number of people she has been growing is growing
found atrial fibrillation. Their age is rising, but
we'll deal with a lot younger. Last year, according to the National Health Center
Filters of 120,340 people have information. Of the 22-44 year olds
there were 17,433. Up to 20 per cent of patients with stroke have become unfavorable
fixed atrial fibrillation. It is usually an uncommon disease
difference from heart attack. It can be found by standard measurement and each
it should be visited by a doctor associated with it. To be
Atrial fibrillation treatment with drugs or catheter breaks was treated,
we need to have an ECG survey, "
said the president
Healthy Health Health Association of Peter Hlivák.

Normal symptoms of acrylic antibodies are heart failure, irregular
rhythm, weakness, tiredness or breath, but they do not appear for everyone
patient. The doctor will only be diagnosed when he or she suffers from a stroke.

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