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Just a month ago since the photographer Petra Fic gave her second daughter to the world. On Tuesday, you went to society.

Photographer Petra Ficová in archive involvement.

Photographer Petra Ficova at
archive communications.
Author: Profimedia

A double mama who is renowned for working with many famous people
Poteniami for fashion magazines, TV Pravda said everything had been done
very clean. When the little Dorotka came in the family, her daughter was also ruled

"She's like a doll for her. She always kisses her and jokes her," she said
Ficus, which is less than six weeks after birth in society and very

The familiar face of the social rubles that you can see on Tuesday
A 20 year anniversary from Veronika Hložníková, she also said that she was already
She has a clear start date. He will not be three years' motherhood.
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