Fico mar a new minister?


With a view to the role of Miroslav Lajcak in the Foreign Minister's desk, SITA has told Robert Fico.

Fico had to talk about after Lajčák was reluctant to resign his position for the DA approval on migration. But many Smer politicians do not want to be named, and understand Fica's things. According to that, Fico would go into unnecessary conflicts with regard to the post with his & # 39; President Andrew Kisk and would urge people. In addition, Lajčák was a great minister, and everybody who was going to have a difficult job.

However, according to SITA, it was debated in the earlier way, when considering the Lajčák president's bid. However, such a battle was not, but one of the other options that could exist. In the game, Fico left the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic. However, according to a number of sources from Smer, Lajčák is out of his / her game about the positioning application. There is more and more in the leadership of the president's candidate, he talks about the sailor Štrby Michal Sýkora, but also with vice-prime minister Richard Rashi.

In the case of the president's election, the name of Sýkora is becoming increasingly in the Slovak National Party (SNS). Multicolored politicians are thinking of that Sýkora could be a co-candidate for Smeru-SD and CIS in the president's election. He commented on the potential exchange of Foreign Affairs Ministry post on Thursday as the first day diary N.

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