Fieldwork will be set out to clarify the situation


On 22 March, police Minh Hoa (Quang Binh), said the CSDT Policing Department in this area is still gathering evidence and related documents for the case of a female “level 10” student who is suffering from being the first person. compulsion and legal treatment.

Previously, on Tuesday 13 March, police district Minh Hoa said they were calling Cao Viet H. (SN 2003, Trung Hoa commune) to continue investigating an incident of D. Th D. Q's family (10 July). , 2003, living at the same address – currently serving 10th level at the local secondary school.

10 year student challenge: He will keep track of the area to clarify the issue - Image 1.

C. a female student will appear in an offensive clip that will be broadcast on social media

According to my family Q, after the terrible event, the H. family went to the house to ask my family Q. to deal with the "in-house" approach. But my family doesn't accept him and I think the law will give my daughter a tough penalty for justice.

Induction 10 year student: He will maintain fieldwork to clarify the issue - Image 2.

Q. a female student tells what happened

Like a Newspaper People from Lao Dong Recent details on social networks Facebook revealed two short pieces by a young girl recording an act with a thing. In this extract, the only girl wearing the shirt, without pants in the street, beside the motorcycle. The girl in a state that was incapable of defending and complaining.

Clip: The 10-year-old story about rape, throwing a "hot" piece on social media

The victim is then identified as a member of staff. D. Q (SN 2003) lives in Trung Hoa commune. According to Q., about 20 hours on the 29th of New Year's Lunch (3 February, 2016), I joined my friends to get a drink. Afterwards, the group traveled to a karaoke to meet Cao Viet H.'s body and they were invited to sing.

H said that, because Q was drunk, he would take him back. On the way home, he took some drops of drunk, and H. took him to his destination, and put his feet on his feet. When he awoke, Q. knew what was damaged. Then the view Q. was cleared after rape on social networks.

C. Girls' families appealed to report to Committee authorities People of Trung Hoa and Minh Hoa Area Police Division to disqualify Cao Viet H.'s behavior.

Local authorities Minh Hoa are investigating the issue.

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