FIFA 19, EA will decline to & # 39; sold the Belgian funding prizes on January 31, 2019


Electronic art is told he will finish the sale of the prize boxes on & # 39; Belgian Market starting from 31 January 2019.

"After further discussions with the authorities of Belgium, we have decided to stop the contribution of FIFA pieces for sale in Belgium, and we are working to make the changes do so efficiently in our consular games and PC computers from January 31, 2019. This means Players can not buy points for getting FIFA Ultimate Team packs, "the publisher is & # 39; writing in the official statement.

Users will still have access to itLast team and play with the players already, but to Starting from February is no longer available. "All the content in the game can be played by playing, as it always was, and users can continue to use tokens and their market move side- nets, "a & # 39; following Electronic Arts.

"Any Belgian player with FIFA points can be counted or used to continue to be used, but it is not possible to buy the other people, and we oppose players for non- Any device caused by this change. "

In the last part of the communication EA is a & # 39; Provides distance from the new policy that Belgium authorities have; accepting it, wants to have greater clarity on the case microtransactions in the future. The company also has a & # 39; ensure that these changes do not affect financial results.

As you remember, go to & # 39; Belgium, one of the first European countries, together with Holland, said it was said that the high assets are a way of compelling and should be governed. In addition to Electronic Electronic, such as companies Develop themes and 2K Games they would have to change by removing them from their titles.

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