Fifty FA Cup: 16 results


1) From the beginning of 2003/04, a season when they reached the FA Cup final, Millwall has won 31 FA Cup games and reaches the four round rides. They are the big bands of a brand new FA Cup.

In order to put these statistics into context, Millwall has reached four final FA Cup installments in 15 years. Liverpool has reached three. That is an amazing record, one that offers evidence of the different relationship in Liverpool with his / her; Competition in recent years and Millwall's ability to achieve much greater than the sum of their parts against greater and better challenge.

2) It seems to be a dance with a healthy suggestion to recommend Millwall's supporters that he was not violent or racist, during or after a game. But giving up the scenes in four four, when assistants were filming on the streets and their; Enjoying generous grandfathers, there was no problem on Saturday.

"We have had bad news recently and right, "said Neil Harris's manager after he influenced AFC Wimbledon." We need to be better in society. Today, Millwall talks about to be in the eight of the world's best cup cup competitions. "

Harris is right, and we hope the message will finally come in. Millwall is an amazing community club that is It's a good deal but it does not grasp their stereotypes as long as the club does. attracts a type of supporters. The club responded appropriately to the scenes during the Everton game, and has emphasized that anyone who is proven will be banned to go to # 39; participate in such characters. Hopefully good.

3) If Millwall is a FA Cup promoter, you must ensure that the QPR is presented to the opposing crown. Between 1997 (think of Trevor Sinclair and that there was a Barnsley vs. bicycle) and 2019, QPR did not win any FA Cup correctly.

This season was different. Steve Steve was hitting Leeds United in the third round and then put forward the advanced League One campaign in Portsmouth after rewriting. Watford's televised home was a chance to fight for QPR to reaching the FA Cup finals for the first time since 1995. They usually exceeded the opportunity. After QPR has been restored after it gets upset, McClaren has now lost the loss of five league games spun and QPR has dropped to 18.

If you were looking for a distinctive image to make representations between the QPR and FA Cup relationships, you do not have to know that Toni Leistner does not; funny lamentation in final summaries on Friday night. After something has been managed to & # 39; wall over the wall, Leistner was lying in a hard tree, Holding on the gun as all his teams were over their heads. At least every year there was no need for other supporters to be disturbed.

4) Pep Guardiola could be a feeling that he can not win. If Phil Foden starts for Manchester City and her. playing badly, it's because of that Guardiola did not give him enough minutesSouth West If Foden starts for Manchester City and her. play well, it is a confirmation that Guardiola needs to be built more often.

But it's hard to get Foden in the Premier League. David Silva, Kevin de Bruyne and even Bernardo Silva in Manchester City to achieve that role at the center of an advanced creative media field with permission to move forward and back, left and right. The home in the middle of the race is the titles that will be decided by beautiful, and exciting campaigns. mistakes could be quite expensive. Part of a young player's development is allowed to make mistakes that are inevitable. Can Guardiola risk a message missing for 18 years old? Is it a great sodding, when he has another amazing player?

But there is a problem for every academic player at a senior English club. Foden is well equipped for the Premier League Premier League football game on Saturday, but he has not yet started a high fighting game when Jadon Sancho started 21. Type one Foden to support the level to do at Etihad, but I do not apologize for being anxious to see him more.

5) Its feeling is bigger than & # 39; Sir Newport is praised to have hit 4-1 at home, but anyone will look at Michael Flynn's side match that deserves the section. The connection to the sale of a game that could be promoted to League One is a collection of innkeepers, butchers and police, but only a & # 39; Large financial gap between the two clubs. Manchester City made many changes and made the first XI cost over £ 300m in transfer fees. Flynn raised two players in the XI who were on a transfer fee – together, they cost £ 50,000.

And Newport was frightened at his home, although he was held at a military pace for his. most of the game. Peter Amond visited the 89th minute in detail, hoping they would give an amazing wonder, just for Foden and Riyad Mahrez to destroy the captain.

But that is not the most important thing. Newport won the fifth visit for the first time in 70 years, and Flynn has a & # 39; Estimates that the club can add an additional £ 1m to thank; their suck. Even more importantly, who knows how many young people in the community have been inspired by the running of the County, and have a strong connection throughout the world with their local club. That's your own FA Cup magic.

6) Facal also for behavior after the Manchester City game, which is a great deal to help & # 39; do this kind. Flynn spoke on a game's evening and showed that Guardiola had invited Newport players to go into the beard room after the match match with the opponents. Guardiola himself asked Flynn to spend time with a manager who greatly added him. Flynn reported how Guardiola told him "you should be proud, you're doing a wonderful job, and good luck".

It's easy to let – or at least be tired – about motions like this, but they will make a difference. Just as you are employed by behemoth state-owned sports does not mean that small things should be given. Good on City and Guardiola. As Flynn himself said, he and the players will use that time for their sake; rest of their roles.

7) Can anyone give me a good reason why Newport County's supporters are more than Manchester City's players getting Raheem Sterling? And is there any truth for Sterling to become a Premier League pantomime guardian, except just the truth and how mischievous?

Not just Ross-shire, you are a & n; understand. I heard the same from Burton Albion, Southampton and Leicester City supporters. Sterling is boosted because Sterling is boiled, supporters are very hard to continue.

For those who value them enough power of national newspaper pages, think about it. A young, black football player had been leaving Liverpool and his / her; The case was to buy his mother's house, and he was (and later went on) thrown with front pages because it was a soft target and it was easy to sell.

The same division of the business can not be built in an innocent innocent that Sterling has subsequently been abusive (both physically and currently), and can not How Sterling is considered different for all other players with challenge supporters. They did this, because they did it. using Sterling as a pen in a grubby game, greedy.

8) It's a question; all of it. After Monday night at Stamford Bridge, Javi Gracia will be the responsibility of the top team left in the FA Cup. Watford had never won a home cup competition. Grace and her players have played a time at Vicarage Road poverty.

But do not let out that Grace is ready for a & # 39; Handled the EFL Cup and the FA Cup with great respect. Watford has played on five domestic cup games this season, and Gracia 48 out of 55 possible changes to the XI that started from the previous league game. The key to avoiding & # 39; Preventing to build your strongest team but to & # 39; Ensure that those in the reserve get the job. Le Watford is already proven safely in the Premier League's main board, it is interesting whether a team can now see full strength now that his team has one advantage from Wembley.

9) Nuno Espirito Santo has already changed a single FA Cup strategy manager. Nuno has chosen the key players for each of their FA Cup links, but at Shrewsbury Town in the fourth round, we have made changes across the park and invasion and almost paid the price. The proxy late Raul Jimenez's late successor resigned at his death to strengthen reconstruction. Nuno drew the same in his home game and again he saw his side from behind.

Against Bristol City Sunday, a different approach. The fifth back to & # 39; First resort again, but Joao Moutinho started in midfielder and Jimenez was also started this time. Nuno is aware that only Chelsea / Manchester United and Manchester City have been ranked higher than those in the border trips. Get a good picture, and Wembley is capable. It is getting it really.

"We do not divide the competitions," Nuno said before the game. "It does not matter what the competition we are involved, it does not matter where you are going to play the enemy. We'll spend the same time, & # 39 ; do the same things, trying to go to the final details that will help us to compete better. "

After two finals Lost home Cup with Ave Ave in Portugal, Nuno knows that he does not reward his CV but his / her; growing reputation. When Manchester Mack was abolished by Manchester United, I moved on to Nuno as a place to be a place. I would not have been four times more likely than Gareth Southgate.

10) The FA Cup can be disturbing the teams that are in a position; haunted fighting, with the impact of Wigan Athletic 2013 an obvious example. The games in the final weeks of the season will use good energy resources. FA Cup participation involves rebeling league games played in mid-week, which, become slower.

But there is another thinking train, and a Chris Hughton is a full recorder. Brighton gave six points of 33 that could be in the # 39; Premier League to crash from mid-board communication into a problem. If Brighton is still at most of the bottom below to play at the Amex, that can be easy to become a double sword.

Hughton is hoping that the FA Cup's effects can attack Brighton's league form. "I hope he can run this coup in the league," said Hughton after hitting Derby. "We were not so bad at the level of performance but the last three games we raised one point."

It's a nice idea, but none of the teams that are currently under Brighton control have cup movements and had a week to give them a warm time – training. Does that benefit them?

11) Yves Bissouma and it was hard to have the first season in England. It has been more than a favorite to & # 39; lived in the Premier League, which was largely used as a substitute by Hughton. Bissouma was very tough to play Lille's high-level football, but the Premier League League midfielder is very hard for a young player to find his legs. Malian has just started nine league games after moving £ 15m. Perhaps he would have to do much to deal with.

But I think there's a game of player there if Brighton has a maintaining their beliefs. Bissouma is what your coach would be like a boy of a football & Rolls Royce, a & # 39; sailed around Amex playground as if it were against under-age players. He was passing his belt, protected from a particular member and turned a distance from a good start for Derbyshire. He will definitely play a vital role in playing Brighton's long-standing bid.

12) For Frank Lampard, his first major test of his qualifications. A FA Cup run was a delightful side during its first time as manager, but Derby now needs to raise an application request. Lampard club wants him.

The former directors of Derby in the County had been sent away to achieve their failure to succeed. This club is not finished outside the top nine in the Competition since 2013 and still Lampard is the sixth permanent manager in that time. The message is very clear.

And yet everything is not completely. Lampard has spent £ 15m on this time, and also added Harry Wilson, Mason Mount, Fikayo Tomori and Andy King's salary as part of a loan agreement. They are currently sitting seventh out of playoff places.

Another Derby trick has recently been to fall off at the end of the league season. In 2017/18, they finally won four of their 16 league games. In 2016/17, five of their last 18 years. Due to Derby's only 14 points from their final competition matches. away, Lampard hopes his team has already been suffering. Their end-of-season form will be repeated to see Derby's credit in their new director.

13) Derby County is very, very bad at playing teams from higher departments in the FA Cup. They only won one of their last 23 FA Cup matches against teams from a higher department, dragging six and a half; 16 losses.

14) If Newport was defeated against his case, the Wimbledon AFC FA Cup finalized in squib moisture. It is clear that there is a right to miss the Mill Competition, but it was a good Wimbledon story in West Ham. They never had a chance on Saturday again. The product also means that AFC Wimbledon has lost more home games in all this season's competitions than any other club in the top four regions in England.

For Wally Downes, ideas need to be converted to a more optimistic application for a & # 39; avoid hauling. The Wimbledon AFC has seven main points at the base of League One, and it was a tough event. for this phoenix club. Wimbledon has never been released, and has not been completed in all four sources of any category. Both these registrations will definitely change in 2018/19.

15) On the quiet, Roy Hodgson is back to Crystal Palace's excellent work. On the 8th of December, the West Ham 3-2 team lost five points to the ten Premier League games and supporters complained to another Palace manager; Needing all season.

Since then, the Palace has defeated Leicester City, Wolves, Manchester City and Fulham in the Premier League and hit Tottenham in the FA Cup. On Sunday they passed Doncaster Rovers with his or her fortune. Delays appear to be less likely than the week.

This is only the second time since 1995 that the Palace is taken to the FA Cup fourth final. If you do not want Hodgson to see a copy of the sexy, slimmer dance at Wembley at Alan Pardew, I'm afraid we can never be our friends.

16) It's not a lot of willingness if you're a Swansea City Support Assistant. The club has been involved in the festival's middle of the festival, and it's been like years since months since they were in the room. The Premier League.

Steve Kaplan and Jason Levien, American major exporters of Swansea who bought their club share in 2016, have enough scandal for the way the club went up to the USP and then they lost their way. There are doubts about how Swansea can ever get back.

But in Graham Potter, the diamond in Swansea. At Ostersunds, Potter created a team capable of surpassing his weight, and in the south of Wales he is in a position; do the same thing. Despite the need to encourage players from the sub-23 waste and to be able to; dealing with the loss of a number of key players due to a fire of high earners, Potter holds Swansea head over water.

Last season, Swansea Cup finalized the FA Cup for its first time in more than 50 years. Now in a different section, with herring very different and under a different manager, they are there again. In 2018/19, that is a much more advanced achievement. They are fortunate to have Potter.

Daniel Storey

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