Fighting test for the Vettel opening day in Abu Dhabi after a spy


It did not prevent and destroy its fleet to impede Sebastian Vettel from the fastest position of the & # 39; The first day of Pirelli fire tests in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday, when Kimi Raikkonen returned to Sauber.

All ten teams are at the presence of Yas Marina Circuit for running on the Pirelli tires 2019, and also Using this year's companies as commentary at specific times.

Three times into the opening day, Vettel lost control of Version 1 and spun back into the wall, damaging his back wings and his; Bring out the red banners. The conversation was very light and Vettel was able to drive back to Ferrari's cups to show her, to return actively later afternoon and her. position the fastest time of day with 1m 36.812s.

The best-fastest Valtteri Bottas was the most fast-known celebrity names for Mercedes, 0.419s slower than Vettel, having spread its best time in the morning session and He goes on to finish 120 loops.

Although fire exams analyze the associated quantities that they were without use, Pirelli confirmed that all the drivers were in a position; Express their best bets on this year's hipersoft or equivalent to 2019, with the exception of Max Verstappen who used ultrasound. Despite the situation of the fire, there were plenty of new faces in different cars to keep fans hosted, with Raikkonen the chief.

Seven years old and forty years after he got to Making the first time for the team, Raikkonen was back in Sauber and his / her; Run the number seven on this year's car. A productive day came to an early stage when Raikkonen stopped at the top of Exchange 7 shortly after finishing 100 loops, finishing three seconds off the 11th place.

APPROACH: Kimi Raikkonen's first day back at Sauber

His first time went to Lance Stroll, the third fastest on his & her; The first time he wanted for Force India. Stroll has not yet been confirmed as a team member for Sergio Perez for 2019, but he drives all day on Wednesday and quickly swiftly with the team. Left 1m 37.415s Stroll 0.6s behind Vettel, and just over half the second was faster than Max Verstappen in the fourth and Perez in fifth place.

Perez had moved his car in the morning session before returning to Stroll, with his fingers; Ruled 67 bends despite two red banners. The second was caused by Vettel – who needed some repairs to the obstacles – but to Haas's first limited time, Pietro Fittipaldi. Fittipaldi stopped on the way and dropped a bit of oil, with a power unit changing connecting to the garage for more than half the day.

Fittipaldi got out on the way during the last two hours of running out and finished the eighth out on the Norris land and Nico Hulkenberg, who enjoyed them with McLaren's fruit days and Renault individually.

Norris managed 136 laps and was 1.3s away, and Hulkenberg – who will be with the Renault team, Carlos Sainz, over Norris at McLaren Wednesday – 0.6 was slower but he finished the same definition.

Williams won both the 2019 race drivers, by George Russell to get her & # 39; first flavor of FW41 in the morning. The sister Formula 2 finished a 42 loop newron and was the fastest tenth, just under a quarter of a second the second time than Robert Kubica. With Polish flags against the Williams garages, Kubica had a lot of commitment to prove in a racing season last week, but was only limited 32 after he had begun to & # 39 ran until midnight

The highest mile to Sean Gelael was in the Toro Rosso, which governed 150 loops one day, ending in the 12th place.

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