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After the publications the world and other journalists, an episode from the exhibition Cash Audit » to give the new venues on Tuesday France 2. The wide range of materials – which includes, for example, insulin pumps, seed tools, shoots or heart messages – "They are not ruled enough, it is a matter of concern to the minister, I am"Agnès Buzyn, the Health Minister, says in this report.

This documentary is part of a survey of fifty percent of the implants in the International Research Journalists' Alliance (ICIJ) framework, which delivered its Sunday results. Files implan ICIJ expresses it as easily & # 39; Can manufacturers make a right to obtain European medical instruments in Europe to get them "CE mark" with a private probation group of their choice and paid by them.

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In 2014, to show the problems in the system, a Dutch journalist, Jet Schouten had a mandarin net "Product" has certainly achieved CE. European health authorities in Europe can only intervene, when there is already a medical device on the market. However, it is essential to have an effective reporting system if they are; The failure of some of these materials, which is far from always happening.

A European database of medical devices, Eudamed, has been opened in 2020, but Member States and businesses agree to the level of information to be published.

Last Friday, shortly before being published Files implan of the ICIJ, asked for their National Pharmacist and Health Food Safety Agency (ANSM) to bring patients and doctors together "Effects of adverse effects that may be" Medical devices used to be used to; addressing the meaning of the groups and the non-partnership in women, and ensuring they are; oversee them "For several years".

These materials have already been subject to a moratorium in Australia since the end of 2017 as well as being in Britain since this summer. In France, almost 50,000 of these machines are submitted each year, ANSM said Friday. Last Wednesday, ANSM also announced that in 2019 its significance implant safety will be announced "Textured", having reported fifty-five cases of lympoma from 2011 in carrying a patient.

Broken implants are present "Very little risk" and the profile / privilege still exists "Favorable"However, Agnès Buzyn considered Friday on Europe 1, reporting that there are between 400,000 and 500,000 women; spent in France.

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