FilGoal Al-Shaikh news to the football partnership: They organized two trips … "One shot of 17 teams and another is given to those who are in your mind"


Al-Sheikh Al-Sheikh, owner of the Pyramids Club, and the president of the Arab League Championship invaded the Egyptian Football Federation, asking them to "set up two trips, with 17 teams & # 39; play and another that will give it to the mind. "

Al-Shaykh said via Facebook: "Does it mean that a team has to be a team, it is unreasonable to complete a Pyramids game with Ahli and Al Ahly as long as # 39; he did not play with a game in Zamalek's first release. "

"What in this timeframe, I did not see the table of my life in any league like this table.

"It is expected that each team will complete their games from the first round before the start of the second tour, and when the cup match is not yet in place."

"You're waiting to complete the wounds in the second team and make sure it's ready and set the date."

"I'm asking my brother Hani Abu Rida to swiftly and deal with this imbalance in recording."

Follow it, "Work for us as two couples and two trips, one of which will be played with the 17 teams and one thing we give to the people of your mind and our spirit."

"I do not know about the order of my games from here to the end of the season with a special structure and fair, fair settlement."

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