FilGoal Amer Hussein News: Ajmal Al Ahli? Al-Najm was hitting Zamalek and Al Ittihad .. Her & # 39; border ended Ismai


Amer Hussein, chairman of the competition committee in the Egyptian football co-operation, allegedly complained about getting Ahli in the face of weak teams to resist and eliminate strong games.

Amer Hussein was amazed by these objections, confirming that Ahli will have a great deal. Play 9 games in 33 days, as it will be a team recommendation.

"I feel like a big lake, Ahli has 11 league matches in the first round of the league, and they are still worried," said Amer Hussein LTC.

"Ahli had a dispute with Super and Saudi and when it was suspended, I decided to move the game to the contractors and choose a new game by 1 December."

"How does Ajmal Al Ahly play nine games in 33 days?" Amer Hussein said.

The competition committee published the deadline for Ahly in December.

Leaving weak teams in December, Amer Hussein said "Ajmal Al Ahly was tackling weak teams in the beginning? Looking at the future stars that hit Zamalek and Al Ittihad, the border guards hit Ismaili and the New Contractors and won the last two games? "

"In 2016, when Zamalek arrived in the final of the African Champions League, we stopped several games and played in January," said the committee of the competitions committee. "We are constantly seeking the representative of Egypt's representative in the continental competitions."

"Zamalek was looking back in the prestigious game in March this year after launching new things."

"The first round of the league did not finish before January, there are games in January or after. The league started in December. We saw players who came out of the Egyptian Cup and in January they went to the teams. Players have the same job twice. "

"Why are you talking about being Al Ahly in January?" Al-Ahly said. "Al Ahly's teams coming after their move will also enhance their fields".

"Ahli games will be canceled after their market moves in front of the apron and Samouha, Zamalek and Pyramids, who do not have the funds to support the team bids?"

"If you do this, ask the clubs to cancel the same balance and the end of Ahli from the club due to a competition for their competition," he said,

"I do not know what number of players, I can not expect, we do not know who follows his job in the Arab or African competition and who comes out early."

"In a Arab competition, the draw will be held for each turn, and then the two challenging groups will be coordinated to select the date of their first and second visit, and not Not aware of the time and number of players. "

In your opinion, what is the best creation of Ahly?

"A new date is not set for Saudi-Saudi senior soldiers between Ahly and Jeddah after destroying the president's contract of Mahmoud Al-Khatib club."

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