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Ahli's board board after boarding an emergency meeting was held on a Saturday morning without going to # 39; participate in any meetings, whether official or friendly to the Football Championship.

In a statement released after the end of the meeting, Al Ahli's board said in a statement that the club could not participate in any meetings, naming the African Football Alliance (FIFA) rules, and International Federation (FIFA) and its The Olympic Charter.

Al Ahly's decision, said club, "has resulted in breaking the rules and breaking the findings of the Olympic Committee of Egypt and Al-Kaf and allowing Zamalek president to attend the official meeting of his board of directors with club leaders and not adversely affect is spoiled,

The text of the Ahli statement in the form of 7 ambitions was named as follows:

1 – not participating in any meetings, whether officially or friendly to the Football Union and the rules of African Football FIFA and its rules; Olympic charter to manage its & # 39; Relationship with the club together with the Football Federation and its various committees due to the release of the regulations and to Breaking the findings of the Olympic Committee of Egypt and the African Football Alliance Challenging challenge for Zamalek's bosses, president "legally convicted" against Al Ahly's club representative at the union meeting with club leaders.

2. To file a complaint with the African Football Alliance to take the necessary legal action against the unresolved rules of the meeting of the Football Championship Board meeting with club leaders and to & # 39; Compliance with the "enough" decision "which was opposed to President Zamalek on 29-9-2018 to stop him from being arrested. sporting or administrative activity A football match.

3- To submit a complaint with the Egyptian Olympic Committee for the failure of the Football Association to fail to make its decisions and allow Zamalek president "legal legal objection" to carry out its actions and his club at an official meeting of the station's board along with club leaders.

4 – No decisions made by the Football Federation or its various committees will not come as a result of the recommendations made by Zamalek President in the # 39; Last Wednesday, and has been invalid with its presence.

5 – Maintaining the performance of Al Ahly in the league competition according to the order in the # 39; league table published by the Football Union until the next 30 March, which was reported to all the clubs on 8 January and had no objections from any side and did not ask Ahli, Co- jetty (a maids every 72 hours) and a & # 39; losing player for any exceptions. Note that this time is not different with any games for Ahli in the Cup Cup as stated in the letters issued by the Competition Committee and we respect them and keep them.

6 – A lawsuit refused to appeal anywhere for Al Ahly in the league competition with another game in a Cup match due to the weight of any party. In particular, the league member is to complete the league itself without having a & # 39; blocking any party, the first one to be & # 39; stick to the timetable and its & # 39; Holding the prize ahead of the clubs. And if the move wishes to respect the other party to stop Ahli in the League League by March 30 of the next meeting. He has a right to ask Football Soccer to defer his game alongside Al Ahly in the league after the day he was named.

7 – Al Ahly does not play any game so that his fans are present in accordance with the conditions agreed in the past and that are now implemented. If the partnership chooses other stadiums that they can not attend at the closing stadiums in preparation for the United Nations African Cup, the Union will be responsible for obtaining the necessary licenses, and including security permit, and be notified of these licenses when the confirmation is made by another Football Association To achieve the principle of equal opportunities between competitive clubs.

8 – bringing up the upcoming Arab competitions as a result of abuse from the current leader of the Arab League Championship against Ahli, a loyal representative of her & # 39; club and its members and the majority, which removes the Arab Union with its screen, and is expected to be bringing together Arab clubs to respect and respect each other.

– Board of Directors Al Ahly Club if there is an ongoing meeting.

Problem of emergency

Pyramids have issued an official statement that threatens the introduction of the International African Football Federation if all games around the Egyptian Premier League do not happen to Everything, and tells the date of games to sucks(TheRead the statement)

"Pyramids are not able to finish their games with Al Ahly and Al Ahly as far as Zamalek plays in the first round," said Turki Al-Sheikh, owner of Pyramids and president of the Arab Football League .(The Read his thoughts )

Then Zamalek pointed out that he was loyal to Pyramids requests to play any games in the league before Al Ahly finished putting off the games back.

"Ahly should play all the round games, with their couples in the Round of 16 against the Pyramids before completing the league games,See details).

Al Ahli states say "the club is coming to the right without affecting the performance of his games in a league competition according to the official record of the competition and with the only unchanged parties. " (Read the statement)

Al-Sheikh Al-Sheikh published, Pyramids owner, a letter sent by the club to the African Football Cooperation (CA)See details).

The board of directors held a meeting on the day to respond to what happened at a Union meeting. last ball.

Al Ahli, Khalid Mortaji, was a member of the board of directors of Al Ahli, at the Wednesday Football League meeting according to his / her agenda to all clubs to discuss some issues in the # 39 ; league competition.

The agenda included two things, and # 39; The first one has changed the stadium for each club in the future due to the establishment of Afghan Afghan Cup in Egypt on the month of June.

The National Cup group must close some stadiums until they are fully equipped before the competition starts, which includes club research for another stadium for the next league games.

The second thing was to use the VAR video mode in the short run in the league competition and to explore the contribution of clubs in this operation.

In a meeting with representatives from the clubs, Murtaji considered the two things announced in the agenda before two members of the Egyptian Football League debated the league record.

Khalid Murtaji refused to debate this case from the extent to the Ahli Board of Directors' statement, which emphasized the commitment of his / her; club for setting games according to its & # 39; timetable set to 30 March and not damaging it.

Mohamed Maselhi, president of the Union of Alexandria, and Al-Ahli's club representative, also commented on changes to the Egyptian league board on the club's agenda.

Then Zamalek's president was a representative of his club before Khaled Murtaji emphasized the fact that this is against a African Union decision that has been committed to the European Union. ban from playing any sport related to football.

The African Union Disciplinary Committee on September 30 decided to suspend Zamalek president for one year and refused any activity related to the management and sporting football, and imposed a 40,000 fine .

After that, the two enters the president of Khaled Murtaji and Zamalek in a heat dispute in which Ali-Abyad's allegiance appeared at the Ahli member's speech saying: "I am the person who does not respect you . "

At the end, Khalid Murtaji decided to go back from the meeting because of his legality according to the AU decision. learned that the affairs of his club meeting, in particular Zamalek's president's attack on Al-Ahli's representative at his / her; meeting, Khaled Mortaji, disturbing president; club. (See details)

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