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Ahmed El-Shaikh na h-Èipheit wants to complete, together with a financial sum, to leave left, Mahmoud Waheed Al-Ahli, who said's source.

Bakri Salim, club executive director and Mohamed Abdel Salam, headteacher, have circulated the dispute between Ahly and Zamalek over Mahmoud Wahid.

"We want Ahmad Al-Shaikh, together with a financial interest, to leave Wahid for Al Ahly, who will be in charge of the Talaat Youssef agreement," said

The 24-year-old Mahmud Wahid who has played for 15 games in the various competitions of this season has achieved a visit and four visits .

Shaykh played for the second half of the final season, loaned from Al Ahly to the Saudi Games team.

Ahmed Al-Shaikh came to Al Ahli in the 2015-2016 season from Egypt to be erased, before leaving the same team in the 2016/2017 season and won a title the highest in the Egyptian league.

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What about Iain Eno?

Bakri Saleem spoke Pyramids' best interest in the campaign against Ghanaian.

The same source confirmed that the order was subject to the agreement of Talaat Yousef, but sent the amount of $ 2 million to give it to the street.

Iain Antawi moved to Al Ahly from Saudi Arabia in 2015, but did not love him in the red shirt and went on loan for his final before he moved before the start of the season, and # 39 ; 4 Fayoumi team aims for this season.

Choose the best way for Ahli's business

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