FilGoal News Abdel Aal: Ahli had to defend her. The percentage of any team that win against Red is 20%


Alaa Abdel-Al, a technical director of Interior, said his team achieved over the two stages of the game that ended the victory of Al-Ahli 3-1 Wednesday in the Egyptian league competition.

"Poor performance was in the first half. We gave two goals with unlawful mistakes and we played without an attack line," said Abdel-Al on Radio Youth and Sport. "This is Nigerian Isha who has been uncomfortable because he has not helped Islam Jaber and Oka."

"Islam Jaber was suffering injured before the game, he could be a refusal against himself, but this is a mistake because it will affect the team's performance."

"In the second half, the interior was better than Al Ahli. We controlled the center of the park. We highlighted the aim and it was enough that Lassarti's two defensive protection.

"Paolo is playing regularly and avoiding the weight and giving it an opportunity to another director, I decided that Isha, born in 2000, will be able to use the speed against the Ahli defender. "

"After a game, not a small player to wait for the game against Ahli no Zamalek," said Abdel Aal. "He must be patient and accept my speech."

"We're now thinking about Petrojet," he said. "Most importantly, we are worried, and there is an opportunity for any team to hit Al Ahly from 10 to 20 per cent."

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