FilGoal News Abdul Hafeez on a loan partnership to El Gouna: The decision in the hands of the administration … The Union must make a decision on the member


Abdel Hafiz, Al-Ahli club leader, commented on the participation of two team supporters for El Gouna in the next match.

"The decision in this regard concerns the management of its club, and we will implement what will be useful to the team," said Abdel Hafiz to EN Sports after his / her. match between Al Ahly and inside.

"I think it would be better for the Ahly players to rest in El Gouna."

"This knowledge is implemented by FA to clubs in total without any division of any team."

"The system needs to be used for every club from the next season," he said. "Determination of the football association in which the player will play against his or her original club".

Ahli has four lenders to El Gouna Ahmed Hamdi's club, Ahmed Yasser Ryan, Akram Tawfiq and Mahmoud El Jazzar.

Al Ahly meets Al-Gouna on Sunday, in the 24th round of the Egyptian league.

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