FilGoal News Al Ahly announces the output of 100,000 pounds from all players after Al Wasl's call


Mohamed Yousef, a coach Al Ahli, said he would pay 100,000 pounds from each player after the Arab League left the Arab League.

Youssef said the penalty was repeatedly going on her & # 39; punishment given to the players after the war in the European League final with Esperance.

Al-Ahly received an invitation from Al-Wasl after a haul in the UAE after drawing at the Borg Al Arab Stadium with two goals for each team.

This came after a week to scratch her & # 39; Easy to crown the title of the League of the African League and defeat the third final casualties of Esperance with three unsuccessful. despite raising three destinations to visit.

Ahli is now preparing to meet Saudi Arab contractors at Al-Salam Stadium in the 16th round of the Egyptian league.

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