FilGoal News Club to Nabi Keita: If you fall into a small hole you must ensure that you go out


Liverpool midfielder, Nabi Keita, gave Bournemouth past the work that Ridds had been entering the summer of the summer of Leipzig, according to Juergen Klopp, a team coach.

South Westerly

The Reds got three clean, in a game that Keita's brother, who had given over by Roberto Fermino, had given himself without a decision before he would pass the ball to Mohammed Salah in an impressive self-esteem.

Although he expects much from Keita, he is happy with his actions, saying to the Liverpool site: "You have to be good, it's good in the second half against West Ham."

That's what he did in the second half against West Ham after the first half was not good enough, Bournemouth would have been the next step, "he said to Keita.

The owner of number 8 won during their game, and # 39; affecting the wall 120 times, 63 hours in half an enemy court, 15 individual events, he took the ball 12 times and took over 7 times.

"It was good to see their people appreciate it through this game, it's often good to go to & # 39 , a member in the narrow areas in the center of the opponent, it's great and there is more in the future.

The international Guinea has played 24 games for Liverpool this season and has made a special focus.

Liverpool will face Bayern Munich in the first 16 of the European League on 19 February.

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