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Zamalek players mark Tariq Hamed's goal in Arab contractors

Supplier from Switzerland, Christian Gross, has been focusing on a number of detailed tunes as part of the team's preparation for his final against Al-Ahly on Saturday.

Switzerland was targeted at a number of assault attacks which included the three lines for the protection of Ahli.

The first coin joins the back and the shield in playing long football behind the back of Ahly for a Zamalek shield after a period of preparation for playing in Zamalek park.

The second sentence is dependent on the pair of Ferjani Sassi and Yusuf Ibrahim, "Obama" to create places for the three attacks that will depend on A game and play within the Ahli penalty area.

He was also focusing on Tariq Hamed and Sassi's roles in playing long-term members behind Ahli.

Two plans against Ahli

The Zamalek attacker appears to have been responsible for two plans against Al Ahly, with a plan for each run.

Zamalek, according to Al-Maran, will be responsible for central insurance and the numbers will not apply Hamed or Sassi in the first half, provided it depends on the attack in the second half depending on the chance. dominated by half.

Free targets

Gros showed a strong focus on the strikes on the left and on the right, where Abdullah Goma would be the balls on the right, and Sisi from the left in an effort to hit Ahli with this weapon.

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