FilGoal News Moon Union illustrates the treadmill direction to escape from a trio base in the Tiger


Khalid Qamar was a great player and led the Alexandrian Union to influence Strath Tigris, with the leader of the Tigris reaching five places ahead.

Al Ittihad of Alexandria Glen Tigris won three goals in front of one goal in the first round of the 22th tour of the Egyptian league.

Khaled Kamar of Alexandria Union in the 30 minute minute. Cross from Ammar Hamdi, interviewed by Khaled Amar leader in the Mohamed Abdel Monsef range.

Wadi Degla was fastened in the 37 minutes with Hussam Arafat. Getting back quickly through Dodi Al-Gabas, which passed to Nadai in the middle of Tiger's defense, which then went to Hossam Arafat, which was launched within a pipe area, and then to & # 39; Strongly defended the union of the Union and established the aim of Hani Suleiman.

The first half of the game ended with a haul, but Khalid Amar returned and put the amazing ambition to the 44 minutes for the guests. The Tigris was killed deadly after the ball was stolen by Ammar Hamdi and went to Khalid Amar inside his pension, which aimed to turn a ball away from the top of Abdul-Moncef in a way, to finish its & # 39; First half with the Union that forward two heads to a visit.

In the second half, Mohamed Naji Jeddou took the first time in 78 minutes.

Al-Badil put the third hits to the 85th minute after a new wisdom from Ammar Hamdi Al Maar from Al Ahly. He passed by the sea to Karim Aldeeb, who put a crossbow, a grandfather met with the goal, to end the Alexandria Union victory three times in front of a visit.

The Alexandria Union hit its score to the 24th Marzia point five places ahead and to take place in the 11th place, and the balance at Glen Tigris at the 20th place in the 17th century and before the last .

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