FilGoal News Talaat Youssef attacking Football Association and confirmation: we will go to Zamalek in any format


Talaat Youssef, an Egyptian coach of the fox, criticized his football company after the new news on games; The Premier League and the Egyptian Cup.

"The football co-ordinated the date for a game against the guards on 23 February and then Zamalek at the Egyptian Cup at 27th at Arab Arab Burj stad, which is a # 39 ; means we will return to Cairo next day, "said Youssef on youth and sports radio.

"It is also acknowledged that we will face war output on 2 March, and so where the equal opportunities between the clubs that compete for its & # 39; gold box in the top of the table? "

"We play 4 games in 15 days. I want the Football Association to respect the rest of the clubs such as Al Ahly, Zamalek and Pyramids. They do not look but on these three clubs. "

"The Egyptian Club for Preserving is good," he said. "The situation in the football company is uncomfortable and it is possible to communicate with the competing committee leader, Amer Hussein Saab, but I have talked to the administration of her club.

"The worst situation is the worst situation, we have no idea or idea, and then the table says we have equal opportunities, and It is also said that Football Clubs have been able to record 5 new players in January. It is not good. "

"One of our competitors' war is on Gold Square, and we get a break for a week before our game. We have a right and we are sure about what I say 100%."

Abizaid: "Zamalek's game is changing nothing to stop stadiums but to solve Al Ahly and Pyramids problem."

"We have emphasized the Football League for the two most important games of the season, and I will continue to manage the situation in our game against Zamalek. Indeed, I'm worried but we'll play in any game, "he said.

"The solution might be to disable its game against being able to reach a military decision on 2 March while camping & # 39 ; camp is going, and the teams do not include international players. "

The competition committee named earlier the "final" changes on Cup games and some games in the league. (See details here)

Egypt won the first round of the Egyptian league in the second round of the Egyptian League.

The fourth place is 34 points from 23 games.

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