Film Cargo: An exhibition of collapse not only in the state, but of society as a whole and humanity t


The film's story, The Load, was established in 1999 when NATO broke Serbia. Photo: LIFFe

In the film, the director was particularly interested in the position of driver in the government little man inside big man tools.

Depending on the film's Protovorski cargo, it is also anti-Bosnian, the face of Croat and so on. It is up to the main subject matter, and as this section tries to avoid liability or to join it together, no products will go against any authority and will be against everything.

Leon Lucev

Through the deserted desolate landscape of Belgrade
A film story Mouse It was established in 1999 when NATO broke Serbia. Glavonić In the film he below draws a picture of the Government, which requires cargoes without acknowledging Serbia through the empty land of Belgrade.

In particular, the film was shown in the section of 13 Days of the Festival Director at Cannes. "A separate film of the road that breaks the summer silence of one of Serbia's most serious crimes in Kosovo and shows the moral and social responsibility of war that has generationed a generation. T perched on the shoulder of his children, " The film was premiered at Kinodvor, where the first performance is after the main game, there will be a conversation with the director and the lead actor.

A silence which has lasted for 20 years
The film follows the director's long-term study of one of the darkest landscapes of the former Yugoslavia. Director Glavonić When asked if he was more confident that these crimes had happened or that they were silent, he replied: t "In particular, the 20-year solitude and curiosity gave me inspiration to explore these events and discuss them through the film. Mouse I got it in 2009 when I read two articles and at that time I heard of a great fertilizer just a few kilometers away from my home. I wanted to find out more. I was surprised, even more than expected, to share my mind about this. "

The film crew have put a red carpet before the first performance at Sarajevo Film Festival. Photo: Sarajevo Film Festival

In the course of researching the topic, the director led a variety of material, thereby documenting the events described. Two depths. In this special film, he became more interested in the story of the government driver. "I was interested in a small person situation within just one tools. Through the lorry's driver I wanted to show the space and depth of space no only one country, but the whole world and the decline of the human population. There is such a cargo windfall like a drama, a film way, in the word and a film of war, " said the author of the film.

The application might be the most difficult Lučeva
Lučev last year, they won the prize for best actor at the Sarajevo Film Festival for his work. He has it for him Mouse perhaps the most powerful film he ever composed, he said in Sarajevo. Please contact points he thinks that the film contains even the Government figures and the Alija miner Hanne Slak. “The thing is the same thing, it is only the ambition of the two different men. The government continues to understand that his wife and son need to be taken into account, and Alia must address the truths not in which the society wished to oppose. Instead, the authorities should take responsibility for digging up the corpses instead of the authorities, which should be long ago as a crime. "

Individually confused and discouraged
Last year's film festival in Ljubljana marker Liffe he is Mouse they gave special mention to the jury. Festival director Simon Popek describe the screen film: “The main property is film about Serbia, and it is badly suffering and subjected to sanctions under sanctions, where no-one is confused and unsure now who can resolve it. on his own morale location. " Serbia, Iran, France, Croatia and Qatar came together for a joint result.


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