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Liu Shifang, CEO of Chen Qimai's Office Director, and Lin Yingrong's Speaker, released the film "Kaohsiung Taipa" today (21st). The film was played by nine young people working in Kaohsiung, including the spokesman Xiao Qingyuan and the three sisters of goat milk. Yu Lin, Yu Lin, Yan Jialin, farmer Chen Wenyi, Zhang Jiemei's swimming coach, decorated three brothers Zhang Yixuan, Zhang Yide, Zhang Yi. They described their Kaohsiung experience in the film, clearly showing the features of Kaohsiung Taipa, not to be vain, not surprising, down to life for life, and for Kaohsiung. Chen Qimai said in the movie that the most vulnerable children are less likely to be so bad and singular, and the lecture is not an endless speech, but we are really working hard.

Lin Yingrong said she had just seen this film for her first time. She grew up in Kaohsiung as the young people in the film. She said that, indeed, is going to protect Kaohsiung too to protect our young people. The young people in Kaohsiung in the film are very much in love with Kaohsiung. I hope everyone will work together to make Kaohsiung better.

Liu Shifang said it was a multi-inclusive town in Kaohsiung and its location. welcomes young people to Kaohsiung. There are many opportunities here. Kaohsiung is the opportunity that everyone is willing to open arms to take a person. This is Kaohsiung's character. Liu Shifang, from the beginning of the election campaign, said that Kaohsiung's progress on the entire city had been attacked, as well as the special, simple and practical features of Kaohsiung people. This film is currently being launched to allow the outside world to listen to Kaohsiung & Taipa. My heart, I also want to tell everyone about Kaohsiung's worry about all of this.

▲ Lin Yingrong, however, had just seen this film for her first time. She grew up in Kaohsiung just like the young ones in the movie. (Guo Junhui figure / reporter to spread, 2018.11.21)
▲ Lin Yingrong, however, had just seen this film for her first time. She grew up in Kaohsiung just like the young ones in the movie. (Guo Junhui figure / reporter to spread, 2018.11.21)

Xiao Qingyuan, a red-haired girl from the 22-year-old Yancheng district, said when he was studying hairdressing in Taipei, wanted to stay in Taipei but chose to return to Kaohsiung because of his feelings for his own home. Xiao Qingyuan believes that Kaohsiung is like a little child, who gets up, is not at all. Kaohsiung young people are full of energy. For example, many of the young designers who go to either to set up tailoring activity and develop their knowledge. The town has become happier.

Yan Pei-lin, who returned to the dairy industry, said she had been in Spain for three years before she returned to Kaohsiung. She also worked in Taipei for four or five years, but she was always feeling "Taipei my home", so she chose to return to Kaohsiung to help her family. Business transformation has made an "agricultural enterprise" concept that was open when it was involved in international trade. Yan Lin said, "Kaohsiung is his own home and familiar experience. If he thinks he is not good, he will come back and change the place of his appraisal at all times. " It is also a & # 39; affirming that Kaohsiung is a "town with many opportunities."

The farmer at Papaya, Chen Wenyi, did not say when he was young, he wanted to go to the field to make money and then return to Kaohsiung to support old people. After that, he found out that "the road was going longer and longer", and went out early and later; disappeared in the field to fight hard, but I do not know why. Sorry, and I finally chose to return to Kaohsiung to grow papaya. Chen Wenyi said, when the farmer is much harder, but he can return home and go with his daughter to grow up, he's a very practical feeling. Chen Wenyi said Kaohsiung people have a special sense of loyalty and glory. Especially when he heard someone saying "I'm to Kaohsiung" in the field, he can never wait to tell the other "I'm also a Kaohsiung." South Westerly

Zhang Jiemei, a coach who took part in the swim competition on Kaohsiung Town, said it was a sea town; with a unique environment that allows children to experience water from a very young age. So, she chose to be a swimming teacher to encourage their favorite sport. She is more difficult to praise Chen Qimai, and in the future, she can evaluate hydrophilic education for children from the beginning; nursery class.

The three brothers Zhang Yixuan, Zhang Yide, and Zhang Yi said that the decorative work and the interior design change with every day that passes. They can be involved in this moving and challenging work, They have a feeling that they are very happy and, get a real sense of achievement. With regard to the question of the north drift, Zhang Yixuan said that he has been running around Taiwan from the past to today, and there is no problem in & # 39; move north. He also stressed that "many people are coming to work in Kaohsiung." The flow of talents is normal. He will not see what is wrong about this. The three brothers are also looking forward to having a & # 39; the founding company itself.

Liu Shifang stressed that the movie "Kaohsiung Taipa" is a call for everyone to be able to; talk about their land, to stand up and help with a mother to speak, others are singing us, we can not sing. Some of the films said if you think it's not good, do not sing, just return and change it. Liu Shifang said that I hope everyone can expand energy. In particular, this movie does not have amazing words. Instead, he is hardworking, simple and hard-working at the local level to tell everyone that Kaohsiung is a big city with many opportunities.

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