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Lion War's Final Fantasy is a PSP game that was released in 2007. It was presented to the iOS / Android platform in 2011. This is the first series of a final Fantasy series for the game chess style.

The mobile convert will be improved according to the mode of operation of the mobile phone. As well as just by clicking on the characters' activity to enhance its & # 39; game, the mode will change fundamentally to move freely moving motion, move, move in and out, so that the player can enjoy the battle from many angles. In addition, this game will shorten the waiting time in the game, and add to the Skip task to play the player faster and slower.

IOS mobile version: 1,400 yen → 360 years


iOS for iPad: 1,600 yen → 480 years


Android version: 1,400 yen → 420 yen


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